Brand New DVD Maker for Mac to Remedy Lower Quality Export from iDVD

Mac guys are confused on the lower quality export from iMovie from a long time, any a video export from Share option is poor quality export no matter your are 720p importing or AVCHD importing, how to solve this problem completely?

Here is the example among most Mac users:

“Hi! I have a stop-motion project that I am about to finish in imovie. I would like to burn a dvd from iMovie and wonder if somebody could please give me some advice on how to get a DVD copy with as good quality as possible?

I recently installed Roxio Toast and did a try the other day to burn a dvd. Resolution wise it looks OK, but I think the colors aren’t at all as good as when I watch my imovie project on the computer. Also the contrast isn’t as strong. Is there any way of improving the quality when it comes to color/contrast?

Is there any other way to do this so the quality of the dvd would be better? Would I get better image if I let’s say would go via a professional software such as FCP, and burn a dvd through dvd studio pro? Would it be worth investing in that? I have spent a lot of time on this project and really prioritize getting a good dvd copy so I can send it to film festivals… Thank you in advance and happy easter!”

From forum macrumors

So we meet the strict problem and are urgently to solve it, the best solution for you should be professional DVD Maker for Mac, with which you can directly import your video no matter 720p, 1080p to the program to be edited and and do the splendid Customize edit function before you burn to DVD.

Its top 7 features is:

1. No video importing limitation like iDVD.

Directly import 720p, 1080p HD Video, various SD video, no video importing limitation like iDVD.

2. 100% reappear the original video quality:

Keep the same video quality as original import video, when play on TV to reappear the same quality.

3. Offer complete Aspect Ratio:

Offer 16:9 wide screen ratio and 4:3 TV ratio

4. Amazing Customizable Menu Templates

Support set up personalized background image, background music, Menu Title(DVD name), Button Style and Frame. And background image and background music accept upload by yourselves.

5. Broad Video import support:

dv, wmv,3gp, mov, vob, mpg, asf, flv, avi, rm, rmvb, mp4, mkv, mka, m4v, ac3, tod, mod

6. Burn to classical DVD Disk:

Burn to DVD-5, DVD-9 Disk or ISO files and back up PAL and NTSC TV Standards. So you can play the DVD on related DVD players, DVD devices and TV. Such as WD TV Player, DVD Player, Internet TV Disk Player,

7. Fast Speed and superb output quality

Import and burn DVD in fast speed. With good compatibility with Mac OS.

High quality of output DVD movies, automatically calculate bit rate for burning as many movies as possible. You can always find a perfect balance between the DVD movie storage and picture quality.

System Requirement:

Intel-based Mac(32-bit)

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard


It offer free trial Version before purchasing, you can load to download free version. Doremisoft offer powerful Tech service and warm client service after purchasing registered version. DVD Maker for Mac is one product form Doremisoft which is one of the leading video and audio solution provider in the world. We aimed at offer all kind of solution for Mac related video and audio problem and is proud to be your big helper to perfect Mac digital life.

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