Bracelets Making Style Statement

When it comes to jewelry bracelets plays important role, as bracelets are considered to be ornamental band which is worn on wrist or arm. These days bracelets are available in different materials such as gold, wood, silver, brass, leather, stones etc. And therefore these bracelets can be worn on any occasion or festival. Bracelets give stylish and stunning look.
Bracelets are popular way back from 5000 BC. During this period Egyptians use to wear bracelets made of bones, stones and wood for serving religious and spiritual means. The most recognized symbols of ancient Egypt were Scarab Bracelet. As Scarab was meant to represent rebirth and regeneration.

If we talk about India therefore Bangles are popular fashion accessory since ancient period. As in India wearing bangles is important for married women.
These days you can select different type of bracelets for different occasion. Know lets know different type of bracelets available these days.

If you are person who like playing sport as well as portraying stylish look. Then you can go for colored silicone rubber bracelets introduced by Nike. If you are into tennis then you go for tennis bracelets, also known as diamond line bracelets. These bracelets are thin, stylish bracelets that attribute a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. If you like wearing pendants then these bracelets don’t include for pendants try going for charm bracelets. You will happy to know that these bracelets are worn by famous tennis players.

If you like wearing decorative and stylish bracelets then you should go for charm bracelets as these bracelets are usually equipped with pendants or trinkets dangling from the bracelet, which are signifiers of important things in the wearer’s life. According to theories some charm bracelets are worn to ward off evil and charm and some are believed to bring good luck in one’s life and it also works for love life.

vIf you are in India there bangles are considered as bracelets which are available in solid form, anyhow some metal and glass are referred to as bangles. These bangles are available in different designs, texture’s, shape, colors on the other hand you can also go for bangles equipped with stones. On the other hand in India glass bangles are very popular among women.

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