Box ip Camera and Dome ip Camera The main difference?

The gun camera is relatively similar to his appearance with a gun, is more appropriate in the light is not sufficient area with night unable to install the lighting area, only monitor the position or moving of scenery, optional gun camera. Compared with the Dome IP Camera not a great deviation in performance, but for the environment has not the same, the specific difference reflects as follows:
Dome Camera is a shield, gun camera you need the shield of another configuration.

In the low-end market, you can see exactly the same shape, but its quality and price, there may be a big difference. Only to monitor the scene location or mobile, optional gun camera.

The gun ip video surveillance system, a special application, the scope of its application for small and medium business users, individual users rarely used.

Dome Camera, by definition, is the shape of a hemisphere shape of the ip network camera, is named for its shape. Hemisphere ip camera compact, more beautiful, more suitable office space, elevator, corridor location is relatively fixed place, often used in the organs and units, banks and other places.

Dome Camera Zoom range is generally not particularly large, for example, 2 times, 3.6 times, the disadvantage is not easy lens replacement. Dome Camera for the fixed field of view of security monitoring camera, such as staircases, channel, elevators, corridors, sedan box Is more extensive range of applications of the gun camera, remote monitoring can be achieved,

depending on the selection of lens or wide-angle monitor, wide application of occasions Dome Camera.

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