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Boats For Sale” – a phrase common in shipyards, fish ports, fishing villages, sailboat and yacht club docks.

Boats come in different shapes and sizes. They are used to transport passengers and cargoes. Those that carry fuel, oil and other such liquids or gas are called tankers. There are also ocean liners that offer leisure-and-entertainment voyages to vacation destinations, commonly known as luxury cruises. Sunseeker Boats For Sale

Planning to buy a boat? It is important to know what type of boat suits you best, whether in terms of budget or for fulfilment of a “lifelong dream”. If it is of any help, the following information on types of boats may guide and inspire you in making a “buy boat” decision you will not regret.

· Abora is a reed boat.

· Cabin cruisers are 25- to 45-foot power boats for small crews and passengers.

· Canoes are narrow paddle-propelled boats with pointed ends and normally open-topped.

· A dory is a squat lightweight shallow boat used as fishing boats (for centuries), with a sharp bow planked up from its flat bottom to its high sides, and propelled by rowing.

· A gondola is a flat-bottomed boat rowed as the most common watercraft and chief means of transportation within the Venetian lagoon.

· Inflatable boats are lightweight boats with inflated tubes for its sides and bow, and maybe paddled, rowed or motor-powered, normally used by the military for commando operation or by rescue teams during floods, typhoons and other calamities

· Kayaks are small boats similar to the canoe but with covered decks except for cockpit(s) that each fit a man propelling the craft with a double-bladed paddle.

· Launches are large motorboats with a square transom, without an engine in the 1700s, carried by warships for use in setting the large anchors.

· Lifeboats are small crafts carried by ships as rescue vessels in times of distress or sea mishap.

· A pirogue is a narrow and light flat-bottomed boat, propelled with a pole or paddled on shallow waters such as marshes and can easily be dragged inland for shelter and storage.

· The raft, the most basic design of boats, is a flat structure made from light buoyant materials such as bamboos tied together and usually propelled with a pole.

· Row boats are small boats propelled by oars rowed through rowlocks or similar contraptions at both sides.

· A sampan is a Chinese flat-bottomed boat used as a means of transport in rivers and coastal areas or as permanent dwellings in waterfronts of busy towns necessitating cover, usually a make-shift roof or shelter.

· Fishing boats, as the name suggests, are used for fishing and range in size and sophistication depending on the type and scope of fishing it is used for.

· Yachts are primarily leisure boats, wind- or engine-propelled, but may be as large as ships bringing it up to the category of super yachts.

There may be other types not mentioned above but it may only tend to stress the boats for sale prospective client with information overload.

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