Bloom arrived in Sydney on Sunday

Wholesale Nike Shoes I suppose there’s an English one and there’s an Australian one.”I get two, there you go.”The 34-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star said “nothing can prepare you” for being a dad.But while Kerr is openly chatty about life as a mum, Bloom was not as forthcoming, preferring to talk about his upcoming movie The Three Musketeers.Bloom arrived in Sydney on Sunday night for the quick-stop publicity tour and is set to fly back to New Zealand on Tuesday morning to continue work on Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.He and Kerr were spotted house hunting in New Zealand last week, where shooting is taking place for the prequel to The Lord of Rings trilogy.In it, Bloom will reprise the role of Legolas the elf that first made him famous and said he will be working on the shoot on and off.”I’m sort of between America and New Zealand and here and everywhere at the moment,” Bloom said.”I’ll be coming and going for about six months I think.”The couple have been flying back and forth from New Zealand and Australia recently as they try to spend as much time together as possible.

Cheap Sneakers Bloom said there was “no doubt” he would visit Australia during The Hobbit shoot.”I love coming to Australia,” he said.Early in August, Bloom was with baby Flynn for Kerr’s rehearsal for the David Jones Spring Summer launch, but had to fly back to New Zealand and missed the real thing, where crowds gasped and applauded his wife’s amazing post-baby body.He said it’s difficult trying to keep the family together when his work can often have such busy schedules.”We’ll try our best to keep it together but it’s always a challenge,” he said.English chef Heston Blumenthal was snapped with an attractive US food writer in Sydney five months before announcing his marriage of 22 years was over. News broke at the weekend that Blumenthal, 45, was splitting from wife Zanna — the 51-year-old mother of his three children whom he has often praised as “the reason for my success”. Photos have since emerged of the world-renowned Fat Duck chef with food writer Suzanne Pirret outside Sydney’s Quay restaurant in March, the Daily Telegraph reports It is believed the photos were taken when Pirret, 45, was in Sydney for a two-week business trip. Blumenthal’s wife was reportedly aware of his friendship with Pirret, which developed after the pair met at the Guild of Food Writers Awards in 2009, the UK Telegraph reports. PHOTOS: Celebrity chef and wife splita rare and strongly worded message to his fans, Bob Dylan has denied claims his songs were censored by government authorities when he made his much-publicised China debut last month.The music legend, who played in Beijing and Shanghai on April 6 and 8, missed out some of his best known politically inspired songs such as “Blowin’ in the Wind”, sparking speculation he may have been censored.Addressing the “so-called China controversy” in a post on his official website.

Mens Cheap Shox TL1 Dylan admitted that authorities had asked for the names of the songs he would be playing ahead of the concerts.China’s leaders — criticised by rights groups and Western governments for human rights violations — are widely believed to be nervous about the potential for politically provocative songs or statements by foreign rock acts.”There’s no logical answer to that, so we sent them the set lists from the previous three months,” Dylan wrote on Friday.”If there were any songs, verses or lines censored, nobody ever told me about it and we played all the songs that we intended to play.”Dylan, who received a warm reception from a mixed crowd of Chinese and expatriates in Beijing and Shanghai, denied reports that his concerts had been attended mostly by foreigners and that there were many empty seats.”

Nike Shox OZ Shoes If anybody wants to check with any of the concert-goers they will see that it was mostly Chinese young people that came,” he said, adding the audience responded “enthusiastically” to his more recent songs.”Out of 13,000 seats we sold about 12,000 of them, and the rest of the tickets were given away to orphanages,” he added.Dylan was playing as part of a tour commemorating 50 years since his first major performance on April 11, 1961. He also denied claims that he had been banned from playing in China last year.”This was all drummed up by a Chinese promoter who was trying to get me to come there after playing Japan and Korea,” he wrote.”We had no intention of playing China at that time, and when it didn’t happen most likely the promoter had to save face by issuing statements that the Chinese ministry had refused permission for me to play there to get himself off the hook.

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