Blood Donation Is Harmless to Our Health

In people’s traditional concept, blood donation is easy to damage the body. In fact, this understanding is not correct. The right amount of blood donation for human health is not only harmless, but beneficial.


It can prevent and relieve hyperviscosity syndrome. The scientists researched the relationship between blood and blood donation and found that adhere to the long-term amount of blood donation, especially components of the single offering red blood cells and platelets, the blood viscosity can be significantly reduced, speed up blood flow, increase cerebral blood flow, so as to make people feel physically relaxed, clear-headed and energetic. Moreover, it can prevent and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Once an expert conducted the control study of hemorheology on 127 blood donors, 87 cases of high blood pressure and 60 patients with ischemic stroke, the results showed that blood donation has a positive effect on reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.


Furthermore, blood donation can promote and improve mental health. Numerous studies show that healthy mood can communicate with the brain and other tissues or organs through the nerves, body fluid or endocrine system, so that make them in good condition, which is conductive to the enhancement of the body’s immune system, and improve resistance. However, blood donation is a noble conduct, while you are helping others, you also make your spirit purified, and give yourself more fulfilling work and life, which actually help others while also helps yourself, and this is an important factor of health and longevity.


However, the right amount of blood donation not only does not affect the health, but also is healthy. But not everyone is able to donate blood; the following groups are not suitable to donate blood. The people who are pulled out a tooth or conduct other minor operation; women at 3 days before and after menstruation; or people who are suffering from colds and acute gastroenteritis have recovered less than 1 week. In addition to this, there are many other kinds of people cannot immediately donate blood.


In addition, after blood donors donate blood, they should pay attention to supplying some nutrients. The nutritional supplements after blood donation are generally appropriate to increase hematopoietic necessary nutrients, because the hematopoietic raw materials mainly include protein, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. The foods containing more high quality protein include dairy products, lean meat, eggs, and soy; the food with more food animal liver, jellyfish, shrimp, sesame, seaweed, black fungus, mushrooms, peas, jujube and other.


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