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The easiest way in my assessment to obtain backlinks to your website, affiliate page, video, or article is through blog commenting. You can choose to leave blog comments manually or you can do it using an automated blog commenting software. Let’s compare the two methods.

Manual blog commenting is a very monotonous process that requires a great deal of patience and it involves sacrificing a great deal of your precious time. If you choose to get backlinks through manual blog commenting you have to navigate to each and every blog site individually and fill out form to leave a comment. For instance you would have to fill out your name(keyword anchor text), your email address, your website address, and then you would have to enter your comment and click on the submit button to get the actual backlink to your site.

The drawbacks to manual blog commenting is obvious. For example, say that you wanted to build 1,000 backlinks via blog commenting. You would have to do the aforementioned process 1,000 times which would drive you absolutely crazy and right to the loony bin! In addition, you would also have to search for the blogs on the internet that will allow you to create backlinks to your website by commenting. Can you imagine spending your time on the Google search engines looking for blogs for you to comment on?

It would be ludicrous. That’s why I never waste my time to comment on blogs manually, I do it in a much more effective manner. I utilize a blog commenting software called Blog Commenting Robot. Blog Commenting Robot is the only blog commenting software that will enable you to create high pr backlinks in 2 minutes or less. It comes with 400 WordPress high pr(3-8) blog sites so there isn’t any need to search for blogs. It also has an option that will allow you to choose to comment on more than the 400 blogs if you would like. It is completely scalable.

With Blog Commenting Robot all you have to do is enter the information into the software that the blogs require to post a comment and obtain a backlink. For example your keyword anchor text, an email address, your website address that you are creating the backlink to and your comment.

Then you would simply upload the list of 400+ high page rank WordPress Blog sites that comes with Blog Commenting Robot click “play” and sit back and relax while Blog Commenting Robot navigates to each WordPress blog site contained in the list and creates the backlinks to your website. When Blog Commenting Robot has finished creating your backlinks a report is instantly generated!

In addition, it also has these amazing features:

Commenting Spinning
Keyword Spinning
Email Spinning
Proxies use

In conclusion, it is more efficient to use a blog commenting software like Blog Commenting Robot to obtain backlinks to your website, affiliate page, video, or article.

The best blog commenting software is blog commenting robot.It allows you to automate the link building process.

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