Bingo Jackpots: Progressive and Guaranteed

If you play at some of the biggest UK bingo sites then you’ll know all about jackpots and the massive amounts of cash you can win on single games. There are several different types of bingo jackpots and each comes with different rules so here’s a breakdown so you know exactly what you’re playing for when you buy tickets for your bingo jackpot.

The best bingo jackpots you can possibly play when you play online bingo are guaranteed jackpots, these are exactly what they say, a jackpot amount, guaranteed. The amount of the jackpot is displayed before the game and the winner will win exactly what the jackpot amount is, 90 ball jackpots are divided but everyone knows exactly how much they are playing for, no matter how many balls it takes to find a winner.

Some brands online offer huge bingo jackpot games with prizes of up to ?1 million, these are coverall jackpots but the end jackpot does depend on how many calls it takes for the game to be won. A ?1 million jackpot can often require a one in a million ticket.

You may also see progressive jackpots when playing online, and these are a guaranteed amount. The great thing about progressive jackpots is that they are growing, not tumbling and they keep getting bigger until someone calls bingo in the required number of balls and win the game, and the progressive jackpot.

Above all, bingo jackpots are fun. The chat rooms are full and everyone is hoping to win that big prize. With some of the guaranteed jackpot amounts available around the online bingo world right now, you really could treat yourself, Foxy Bingo for example give away ?1 million of guaranteed jackpots every single month.

Find your favourite site now and you could be en route to your next big bingo jackpot.

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