Bill Murray Biography

Teamed with D.A. Points, Bill Murray basked in the glow of an once in a lifetime victory at the 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. For Points, it was his only PGA event success. For the 60-year old Murray, it was his first win since he started participating in the contest in 1992. The amateur is an icon at the beloved golf tournament, but it’s been a 35-year ascent to prominence by the comedian-turned-actor-turned-golfer.

One of nine children, William James Murray was forced to make his own path . His father died while Murray was still a teenager and his family didn’t have a lot of income potential. Work as a caddy supplemented his tuition for the private high school he attended. After college, Murray was encouraged by his older brother to join the Second City Chicago improve troupe. Bit by the comedy bug, Murray ventured to NYC and began collaborating with John Belushi. By 1976, Murray was a member of NBC’s Saturday Night.

It wasn’t long before television success led to a move to the big screen. A lead in Meatballs spawned several hits including Caddyshack, Stripes and Ghostbusters. Murray’s rise was explosive. The quick ascension was also marked by a desire to break away from comedy and try more serious projects. His first dramatic role -Murray’s only screenplay, The Razor’s Edge – endured bleak box office numbers. For the years that followed, Murray returned to the safer confines of comedic roles.

The ’90s brought many comedic box office successes – What About Bob?, Groundhog Day and Kingpin – but Murray still continued to dabble with small parts in off-beat and serious films. By 2003′s Lost in Translation, a straightforward dramatic role, the veteran actor’s adaptability was only a shock to those still locked into thinking of Murray as Bob Wiley. To rising directors like Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson, Murray was the appropriate leading man to deliver deadpan dialogue with tragic genuineness. The actor that had delivered so many laughs was suddenly getting Academy Award consideration for his somber acting ability.

To some Murray is a wisecracking jokester with a passion for golf. (A few even have a hard time letting go of the Caddyshack persona.) To others he’s a dramatic actor typecast into a comedian’s career. Although to a great majority, Bill Murray is the average guy from Chicago – a diehard Bears, Bulls and Cubs fan – that happened to hit it big but still remembers his roots.

But to a select few, Bill Murray is an iconic figure with his own cult following. Murray is the spiritual leader, its chief motivator and , a scientist. And within this band of loyal followers there are those that have etched their own inspiration from Murray and his jack-of-all-trades career. One notable trio of musicians, has come together to deliver their ode to the legend and his prolific career, 35 years in the making.

From the small screen to the big screen, the crowded improvisation nightclubs of Chicago to the tee boxes of Pebble Beach, Bill Murray’s career has had its share of hills and valleys but has always been entertaining.

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