Bigg Boss 5 20th October

Bigg Boss is definitely one of the best TV shows in Bollywood this season. The show gained acceptance in culture throughout the display about graphic and gruesome faces of the celebrities everyone knows and love so much. The show is a take on Big Brother, which is an American show which does the same thing as Bigg Boss does. This show takes us in an epic journey of wild proportions.

Consider what you would do when you’d be placed in a huge home full with well-known people, and you also yourself are famous too. Now you don’t have any connection with the outside world.Now you are to live with the rest of the inmates and live in peace. That is the vision of the show. Anyone who starts to move away from this direction gets eliminated. And so we watch eliminations, one after the other until one winner remains.

Pretty simple premises but they lead to awful fights, bad rivalries and dreadful entertaining moments of TV. The show is India’s first reality TV show to do this, it is indeed one of a kind. It is actually the show where everything moves, no one stops anybody from doing anything. All the cast of the show is very carefully decided each season and they are placed in a big mansion house without any internet, TV, phones, email, or anything which would help to make them talk to anyone outside their four walls.

This show makes for an awesome hilarious time at the entertaining world of television. Bollywood has once again established that it has the ability to produce anything! Ensure you will not miss this show, because it is an interesting journey to a extremely serious story.

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