Betting and Gambling: The Secret to Winning Every time!

I Love Gambling and Betting but not to lose money. That’s no fun. Right?

I. Like you. am here to WIN!

The Last time I stepped foot into the Casino, Jackson Rancheria in CA (They just became a 21 and up so I haven’t been able to Gamble at a Casino Since – I’m still 20 years old until July), the tables were dead and the slot machines were filled.

Other than Poker (and Black Jack if you Count Cards), the odds in Tables Games are not in your favor either, but they are damn sure better than Slot machines and pretty much every other casino game.

Why is it that people play to lose? (maybe it’s because other games require you to think even just a little bit). Most People are not willing to step up and even attempt to tip odds in their favor if it requires any type of work or thinking. I don’t even know if I would call that Gambling and Betting, I would call that being a wussy since you are just hoping for an outside force to instantly change your circumstance in a single instant of mere slim chance..

Gambling and Betting vs. Educated Risks

I’ve noticed that this type of Gambling and Betting psychology for the hope of instant change follows through to how people live life.

They are not willing to WORK or strategize to improve their knowledge, skill sets, mindset, and predetermined plans of action. Therefore, they will not have a winning advantage.

If you follow those who are making a living at the casino, they are experts in statistics and the Law of Large Numbers. They usually play Poker Games (or count cards in Black Jack) where skill becomes a major factor in Winning Every time!

Yes, there may be occasional losses, but the Law of Large Numbers will keep them in profit by keeping their odds above a 50% winning rate.

It’s about not being a wussy, and putting in the work upfront so that you may perform consistently at a high success rate all the time. In essence, you make your own luck.

^^^The Secret to Winning Every time is not in Luck, but in Logically increasing your luck with skill development and being educated in the use of simple, yet proven systems.

Stop being a Wussy .and stop hoping for Luck to magically attract success into your life.

In fact, I would highly recommend to stop Gambling and Betting in General .and Start Taking Educated Risks!

How to Stop Gambling and Betting and Start Implementing the Secret to Winning Every Time!

Trust me when I say, as a 2-Time College Dropout before the age of 21 .I am not an expert in the full statistics of Poker (and Black Jack card Counting).

However, I know how to Increase my skill sets to Win Every Single time .Because I am No Wussy!

.and Again, I’m not really an advocate of Gambling and Betting for attracting money because I hate the idea of “Getting Lucky!”

I ain’t no Damned Wussy!

I make my own luck, and I invest my time into Learning and applying simple, yet proven systems.

That’s what makes me an awesome entrepreneur.

I don’t rely on slim chances of luck to make a substantial amount of money.

Even in business and sales, I don’t rely on 30% Wussy Commissions to stay in profit.

I have made a Decision to get “All-In” and Start Earning 100% Commissions Deposited Directly into my Bank Account Instantly, by following a simple 3 step process.

That ain’t no Wussy Gambling and Betting hoping to win and create success.

That’s Deciding to Stop Being a Wussy, to Stop hoping for things to magically happen, and to Start Taking Consistent Action to have an advantage at winning every single time.

That’s the Secret to Winning Every Time!

Just Stop Being a Wussy.

.and Get All-In!

Make Your Own Luck!

Tip the odds of Success in Your Favor Starting Right NOW!

>>> Stop “Gambling and Betting” and Start Earning 100% Commissions!

(Make a Decision, Stop Being a Wussy, and Start Taking Educated Risks Consistently to Make Your Own Luck, Instead of “Gambling and Betting” for Hope of success!)

You may view the orignal post HERE. This article was written for those who are going through life Gambling and Betting in hopes of getting lucky.

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