Best perfumes of the world

These days new kind of trend has started and this trend is gifting perfume as this gift can be offered to anyone. Therefore perfume can be presented at any special occasion as a great gift. These days you may found number of perfume brands available in market. And you may get confused while selecting perfume therefore go through this article in which you will come across with some top rated perfume only.

1. Calvin Klein is an American brand perfume which is launched by Calvin Klein in late nineteen sixties. This brand is famous for it’s classic and simple style. Therefore Calvin Klein have about 79 perfume products. The most successful and decent brand available for women is Calvin Eternity and it was specially made for giving great tribute to her marriage. Therefore this product was developed by Sophia Grojsman in 1989. Therefore this product open with green notes and fresh citrus, which is followed by lily-of-the-valley and violet. Therefore the note of flower with its freshness gives the floral heart a little strong accord. On the other hand last notes are dive with pink sandalwood, powdery heliotrope & translucent musky notes.

2. Next is Adidas. Adidas have about 40 perfume products listed in their catalogue. Its first edition was launched in 1991. Therefore Adidas perfume fragrances were developed in association with perfumers Alain Astori, Martine Pallix, Jean-Pierre Mary, Olivier Pescheux, Jean-Pierre Bethouard, Philippe Bousseton, Quest, Benoit Lapouza, Sabine De Tscharner, Maurice Roucel etc. On the other hand Adidas has also launched big series of Adidas floral perfumes therefore Floral Dream Adidas makes its first position. As it’s an oriental floral fragrance prepared for women and it was developed by Jean-Pierre Bethouard& Nathalie Lorson. Base notes are vanille and tonka bean, mid notes is lily and rose, topmost note is bergamot. Adidas perfume are very popular among young girls.

3. Bylgari perfumes are also very popular among women as it’s an Italian product which was established by SotiriosVoulgaris in early 1880s. The first edition was launched in 1993. Therefore fragrances were designed in alliance with perfumers AnnickMenardo, Jacques Cavallier, Alberto Morillas, Sophia Grojsman, Jean-Claude Ellena, Beatrice Piquet, Sophie Labbe. This product is very popular among Italian individual but these days this perfume is becoming among number of individual around the world.

4. The biggest and popular brand in perfume product made for man is Christian Dior as this perfume brand comprises Fahrenheit Cologne. This perfume was ……Read More

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