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“Yes is the answer to your question.” “And which question would that be?” he asked slowly. “You wanted to know if there were any of your conditions I intended to honor.” She glanced up at him, pleased to note the distinct look of trepidation in his eye. “The answer, my lord husband, is yes.” Chapter 7 It was the look in her eye he couldn’t get out of his mind. She’d cast him what he now thought of asthe look every time he’d seen her since her return. In the stables, at her residence and his cottage, and then earlier ton ghd hair straighteners ight, when they had entered the inn. Even now, as she sat across the table from him in the privacy of their room, eating the meal Matt had arranged for, her dining was punctuated by the periodic directing ofthe look . He couldn’t quite describethe look : It was a mix of flirtation and determination. Of innocence and challenge. Somehow, she managed to peek up at him while keeping her lashes lowered. He couldn’t have duplicated the maneuver if he practiced in front of a mirror for years. It was distinctly feminine and not particularly straightforward. In the section of his mind reserved for mechanics he wondered how anyone could give the impression of gazing down in a most modest manner while glancing upward in a way that could only be described as enticing. In various other parts of his body, he didn’t care about the how of such a feat, only the why. Potent. That was the word for it. The look was extremely potent. No doubt the kind of look Delilah ensnared an innocent Samson with or Cleopatra employed on an unsuspecting Marc Antony. Tatiana was probably trained from birth in the use of such looks as a national defense in time of Avalonian crisis. A lesser man might have been taken in by it. By the seductive lure of those green eyes. But Matthew Weston,Lord Matthew, was more than up to the challenge of a mere look, no matter how potent or inviting or intriguing or— “Do you not like it, my lord?” “Like it?” He hadn’t thought of it in terms of like or dislike. It did make him feel as if there never was, nor would there ever be, anyone in the world as significant to her as him, which in and of itself was suspicious. “I’m not entirely sure I trust it.” “Goodness.” Tatiana huffed in annoyance. “Now you sound like Dimitri.” “I’ve no doubt you’ve given the good captain more than enough reason for distrust through the years,” Matt said coolly. “Nonsense. In point of fact, I had never even ghd hair left my country until recent years. And the political climate at home was relatively calm until my father’s illness.” He stared at her in confusion. “What are you talking about?” “Concerns of security, of course. The possibility of poisoning in the food. Which I do think is absurd. No one knows who I am, nor, I suspect, would they especially care.” She drew her brows together. “I asked you if you liked the food and you claimed you did not trust it. What wereyou talking about?” “I was talking about…”The look in your eye and the way it makes Cheap ghd me forget the past and ignore the future . He cleared his throat and a Cheap ghd uk dopted a lofty manner. “I think the food is excellent.” The plates laid out between them were laden with roasted beef, vegetables in cream and large chunks of crusty bread, accompanied by two bottles of a rough, but tasty, red wine. “You, on the other hand, have eaten a remarkable amount.” “Yes, I know.” She sucked her middle finger and uttered a contented sigh. “It was quite, quite wonderful. I was famished.” “No doubt.” He was hard-pressed to pull his gaze away from that lovely, lucky finger. “You’ve scarcely put anything in your stomach today unless one counts brandy.” “Brandy does not count if it is part of a tradition. Besides, I do not especially like brandy. It is such a serious drink, dreadfully heavy and intense. However, one must make sacrifices for the sake of tradition, do you not thi Cheap ghd sale nk so?” “It depends, I should say, on the tradition.” If she was an enigma to him whe pink ghd n they’d first met, she was a puzzle of an even more difficult nature now. Knowing now who and what she was did not serve to answer his questions but only deepened the mystery around her. “Tradition is extremely important.” She trailed her finger idly around the rim of her wine glass. In truth caressed it. His stomach tightened and he do ghd flat iron wned his wine in one swallow. “In some ways, it is the impetus that drives me.” “Oh?” He quickly refilled his glass. She nodded thoughtfully. “It is important for a country, for a people, to have something to believe in. That is the true purpose of tradition, custom, even symbols. It is comforting to know ghd hair dryer , no matter how the world changes, some things pink hair straighteners remain the same and always will. A baby will be christened in the same manner, the same church and probably the same gown as his father and his father before him.” “I never suspected brandy played such a crucial role in the world as we know it.” A teasing note sounded in his voice. “Brandy is most important when it is one of the national products of your country.” Her tone was serious, but the candlelight reflected the gleam of laughter in her eyes. “Surely you have sampled Avalonian brandy?” “Avalonian brandy?” He chuckled. “I admit I have never so much as heard of it and I’ve always considered myself fairly well versed in the alcoholic offerings of the continent.” “I am not surprised. It is rather hard to find the farther one gets from Avalonia. The very best is Royal Amber, and it is extremely rare. The Royal Amber brandy served this year has been aged for nearly a century. There is only enough made each season by the monks who live in the monastery midway up Avalonia’s highest mountain to meet the needs of the royal family.” “Just the royal family? The ordinary folk have to drink ordinary brandy?” She nodded. “Ordinary Avalonian brandy is still quite good, or so I have been told. And even for the royal family, Royal Amber is only used on occasions of great celebration and ceremony. The Feast of St. Stanislaus, Christmas and welcoming the new year, Easter, of course, baptisms, weddings, coronations. “I see.” He returned the toast, then sipped casually. “I assume, then, it was drunk at your wedding.” She hesitated, and there was a flash of something in her eyes. Regret? Anger? No, more than likely pain. She had buried her first husband, after all, not left him, and she had probably cared for him. “I shouldn’t have asked,” he said slowly. “Nonsense.” She smiled lightly and her chin raised a fraction of an inch. “You were at my second wedding. It is only fair you know about the first. The occasion most certainly required the benediction of Royal Amber brandy. It was as much a joining of two countries as two people.” “You never told me about your husband. There’s no need—” “Perhaps not. Perhaps there is every need.” She leaned back in her chair and studied him for a long, silent moment. “Do you know anything of my country, Matthew?” “Not really. I have managed to locate it on a map, but beyond that”—he smiled to lighten the mood—“I know only of its people’s traditions regarding brandy while traveling.” She laughed. “There is little more to know. We are strategically located, in that part of the world shared by Russia, Prussia and Austria. While my family has ruled for centuries, they are also prone to fighting amongst themselves. This past year my father was quite ill and my cousin tried to wrest power for her own branch of the House of Pruzinsky. Thankfully, she failed. She isn’t at all nice and I cannot imagine what dire consequences would result from her rule.” She took a drink and considered him over the rim of her glass. “But you were asking about my first husband.” “I wasn’t really asking.” It seemed somewhat petty to abruptly delve into ghd ceramic straighteners her past. Still, if he had no other claim as her second husband, perhaps he at least had the right to know something of her first. “But I do admit to some curiosity.” “Phillipe Andre Augustus de Bernadotte was the son of the monarch of a small principality allied with Avalonia. My father and his decreed we should wed when I was but four years of age. Even though Phillipe’s country was… well, absorbed is the polite, civilized term… by Austria before he came of age, it was decided it would still be of political benefit for the marriage to take place. So I did my duty, fulfilled my responsibilities and I married him.” “I see.” He did, but only to a certain extent. Tatiana had given no clue as to how she had felt about this Phillipe. If she had cared for him. Mourned him. Loved him. Not that it was the least bit important. He was curious, nothing more. “You might well have liked Phillipe. He was the kind of man other men tend to admire. An expert in everything he turned his hand to—riding and shooting, gaming and buy ghd straighteners drinking and all those odd things men seem to enjoy. He was exceedingly charming and quite handsome. Other gentlemen liked him, but women”—she sipped at her wine—“women adored him. And he adored them.” “I see.” This time he did indeed understand. “Did you?” pink ghd “I can’t imagine in your entire life you have ever done anything so completely foolish that it haunts you forever.” Her voice was low but firm. His heart twisted. “Yes, well, once or twice, perhaps.” Her gaze flicked up to meet his. “I grew up knowing I w cheap ghd straighteners ould one day be Phillipe’s wife. It was not my decision, neither was it my choice. “Even as a boy, he had a charm and a passion for living that was irresistible. Whether I would have felt the same meeting him for the first time as an adult, I do not know. But yes, for much

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