Best Band WordPress Theme Provides Complete Website In A Box

The Band WordPress Theme is currently the best theme for bands and musicians. The theme is a professional, website in a box for bands and musicians.

See the links at the end of this video to get access to the theme.

It is a fill in the gaps style template that anyone can use, without needing any web-design experience at all. The theme comes with tutorial videos that guide you through the step by step process of installing the theme and creating your website.

The main features of the WordPress Band Theme include the ability to integrate Facebook and Twitter to your band website, the ability to create an email newsletter sign-up box, full cusomization of the header graphics and color scheme used, and the ability to effortlessly add in your YouTube videos on your website. The social media features are available by the use of a Band WordPress Plugin. There is a facebook, twitter and email newsletter band WordPress plugin, and much more.

The Band WordPress Website approach to things is good for getting more exposure on the web due to the capability of creating a blog on your band website. Google loves WordPress and Google loves new content on blogs, and as a result you can expect your website to rank higher on the search engines for more fans finding out about your music.

Capturing the email addresses of your fans on your Band WordPress Website is also very powerful as it then gives you the ability to go and promote your music and merchandise directly to these people, for a better chance of making more money.

A good way to use the email list is to offer some free music downloads as an incentive for people to opt-in to join your list. And then once they have joined your list, you can email them everyone now and again to help develop a relationship with them. Offer them discounts to your merchandise, free tickets etc.

And then once you have developed a good relationship with your email newsletter followers, you will stand a better chance of making more sales when you try to sell them your merchandise further down the line.

In the theme demonstration video (which you can see via one of the below links), there is an example of several Band WordPress Sites of people already using the theme. These Band WordPress Sites examples show just how unique each site can be with the power of customization of the theme.

Many people use Myspace to try and do a similar thing. But the problem with Myspace is that all the videos look very similar and there is little room to stand out and be unique. But with this theme, you can change much more things than you can do with Myspace, thus making your website look much more unique and to stand out from the crowd.

For the Band WordPress Theme video see the Band WordPress Theme. Also, check out the New Music Economy System YouTube video.

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