Bengals: Ravens Still Have More to Prove on Sunday

Bengals: Ravens Still Have More to Prove on Sunday

Baltimore crow team have a playoff berth and the AFC North Title end headed for 17 weeks with the Cincinnati Bengals, but this does not mean that they have proved that they need this season. Home advantage in the AFC is contested, and later, crow needed in next week’s first playoff game momentum.In 10 – 5, crow were again losing streak, their former New York giants last Sunday, 33-14. But their offensive and defensive play is not consistent throughout the season-thanks part of the broad defense against injury and poor offensive play calling by the now-former coordinator cam cameron-it is very important, they are not consistent with the past.Bengals Jersey

What better way to prove it than to send another playoff-bound team in the season’s last week?If the crow like a team they finally week-with quarterback Jo Fraco finished an impressive 25 36 stage attempts for 309 yards, via and a punching array, back ray rice and Bernard Pierce combining for 230 yards and their defense to three bags, while maintaining the giants to 186 total Yards-the Bengals didn’t have a chance.In the attack, it is about they forged last week’s path.Robert Geathers Jersey

Look, a new offensive coordinator Jim system has to grasp, let Fraco more creative uses of his receivers, and more route, through the changes and, of course, restoration using a no-huddle. Pearce out-gaining rice on the ground ( with 123 yards to 107 code 14, 24 m), even if rice receive little or no time for play on Sunday for the playoffs, their ground attack will be in good hands.It is all about defense, therefore, if a complete scan of the Bengal tiger. Key in doing so will force them into one-way attack. This means that once again appeared to stop running, forcing the Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton biography.Nate Clements Jersey

Last week, only 67 yards on the ground held a giant crow. Of course, New York ran only 14, because they are from their first unit to catch up, but even if not, this does not mean that the crow can’t keep benjarvus green-ellis-led running game check.Marvin Jones Jersey

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