Because the Gansu 250 people violate the fire law to arrest

Since Gansu provincial government Information office convention press conference’s news name, Gansu fire prevention “has exterminated the fire trouble” the motion, has reorganized fire hidden danger 23099, orders “three stops” unit 561, because 250 people violate the fire prevention laws and regulations by the administrative detention. Passes repays a kindness suitably, “since has exterminated the fire trouble” the campaign, Gansu public security fire prevention altogether investigates unit 60,000, discovered that fire hidden danger 24375, have reorganized hidden danger 23099, seals up unit 732 temporarily, orders Nike Free 3.0 three stops unit 561, detains 250 people. In addition, this time “exterminates the fire trouble” the campaign, Gansu also innovates the fire prevention management by supervision pattern, adopts “the union law enforcement, to intersect with the police, different enforces the law” the way, the union community strength, the improvement fire hidden danger. Gansu public security, the culture, the industry and commerce, An Jian, the education, the traveling, the quality monitoring, the hygienic eight departments develop in the entire province scope enforce the law jointly 260 time, advances 34 government license significant nike free tr fire hidden danger to reorganize the work, the accumulation reorganizes fire hidden danger 2800. Gansu public security Fire service serves the entire province 415 inspector general law enforcement post cadre lacing for 14 law enforcements the production brigade, 140 law enforcement groups, every month regarding 1 city state, carries out time omni-directional different law enforcement inspection, only in the Lanzhou area just outside the city gate, Qili River, Xigu, the peaceful four areas supervises for 4 days, investigation unit 1260, improvement fire hidden danger 1600, order “three stops” unit 26, seals up unit 15 temporarily Nike Free 4.0 , the administrative detention 28 people. On November 24, Gansu provincial government also issues the circular, mobilizes all the people to participation “exterminates the fire trouble” the special action, with emphasis will aim in the future also at the personnel crowded place, the small unit and “the method of three-in-one” the place, the high-level subsurface construction, is newly built is constructing the architectural engineering work site, the production, the storage, the management, the use flammable explosive chemistry goods unit and the place develops the investigation. ( nike free run

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