Beauty and Skin Rejuvenation

If you’re ever interested in the possibilities of modern science in the field of skin rejuvenation, you have probably heard about the amazing properties of hyaluronic acid. It has a special place among biologically active substances of natural origin.

First, the hyaluronic acid is an important component of the matrix of the dermis and plays an important role in cell interactions.

Second, the concentration of hyaluronic acid directly related to natural cell renewal properties of the dermis and fibroblasts (connective tissue cells of the skin). But its concentration decreases with age!

Thirdly, hyaluronic acid has no incomparable ability to retain moisture and is the most important compound to maintain hydration.

Fourth, hyaluronic acid protects the cell tissue and prevents infections.

Finally, hyaluronic acid stimulates angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels) and is a powerful antioxidant. Another nice feature of the hyaluronic acid is that it has the same composition, regardless of origin.

Having such a wonderful and necessary skin properties, hyaluronic acid, however, has a very big drawback, which until recently prevented its full use in cosmetics. It has some very large   molecules. The size of a single molecule of hyaluronic acid is 2-3 times the size of a single cell and 13.8 times more than the extracellular space.

With age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases which unfortunately leads to the decreasing ability of the organism to its preparation. Therefore, it can only be delivered by external means. Until recently, it was possible to do only by injection.

Japanese scientists has not left unattended at the forefront of science in many fields, especially in beauty salon industry. In 2002, Koichi Tanaka scientist won the Nobel Prize for the development of methods for identification and structure analyzes of biological macromolecules. In relation to the subject and simply speaking, he managed to create hyaluronic acid, a low molecular weight, which was able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and keep it moisturized.

The manufacturing process of a hyaluronic acid has been patented by the Japanese company, Forlle’d, which released Hyalogy, cosmetological line based on these studies. Molecular size of hyaluronic acid is only 5 nm by the means of Hyalogy. Such lightness enables it to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin keeping moisture, elasticity and freshness of the skin.

Hyalogy line created with a truly Japanese quality and refinement. It contains tools for all phases of care for face, body and hands based on the amazing beauty line developed restoring and rejuvenating skin treatments.


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