Be Careful to Prevent Rhinitis in Fall

Every autumn season, it is the time to patients with allergic rhinitis suffers from seasonal allergic rhinitis. Form early autumn, people with allergic rhinitis will endlessly sneeze in the morning, before going to bed, or have runny nose like water, coupled with prolonged nasal blockage, which is really miserable. Many occurrence of the allergic rhinitis has the obvious seasonality, and more happen in the spring and autumn, especially when a year in August or September, cooler weather and a lot of pollen released in the atmosphere in the air is a major incentive for the onset.


Allergic rhinitis is also known as allergy rhinitis, dividing into seasonal and perennial. For this disease, clinical manifestations are complex and changeable, but the main symptom is watery nasal discharge, nasal congestion, nasal itching and sneezing. These symptoms are precisely similar to the symptoms of a cold, so there are so many people with allergic rhinitis treat it as cold, the result is that did not receive the expected results. We pay attention to identify the differences between them.


First, many episodes of allergic rhinitis has a significant seasonality, especially spring and autumn days is a high period, caused by certain allergens. The allergens in addition to pollen, it also includes cold air, dust, mold, animal dander, cotton and wool clothing and so on. While there is no seasonality when we have colds, but we often have fatigue and other predisposing factors before the onset of cold, generally due to bacterial infection by a virus.


Second, allergic rhinitis is chronic and recurrent, and can sustain a few days but heal by itself, and the symptoms is limited, generally with no the symptoms of the whole body. However, cold is acute disease, which often lasts 7 to 10 days. In addition to respiratory symptoms, but also appears systemic symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and joint pain.


Third, patients with allergic rhinitis usually continue to sneeze for several dozens, then have runny nose like water. Although patients with cold will sneeze, but they do not continue to sneeze, and in the early of cold period, the patients will have the water-like nasal mucus, but in the late period, they will have yellow sticky purulent nasal mucus. Fourth, for the allergic rhinitis, it cannot achieve good results with a common anti-inflammatory or antiviral therapy, and cold is just the opposite.


Allergic rhinitis can induce a variety of complications, such as bronchial asthma, and sinusitis and allergic pharyngitis and so on; but also because of the sense of smell is bad and poor sleep, these patients will have no appetite, causing a great impact on work and learning. So, if you have allergic rhinitis, you must early treat it.


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