Babies Are Making Efforts to Be Independent since Birth

From birth, baby is independently conducting the process of growth. This strength of growth comes from the intrinsic role in their bodies, which is called “the action with purpose.” This behavior is like one kind of wishes sent out from the bottom of baby’s heart, and it is a driving force for life, but also as a source of human evolution. It is because of this force, you can allow your baby to make all kinds of behaviors in the process of growing up; for example, initial babbling and toddler. If every baby can continue to grow and is promoted by natural forces, then their hearts will be in a state of pleasure.


Therefore, experts feel that the baby itself should be independent, and they should not be subjected to the parents. In other words, if we give enough concern for the baby’s natural development, not hinder, then the baby will gradually reach independence. This will not only apply to their psychological growth, but also apply to their physical growth. The parents must have noticed how the baby yearns to be independent and fully uses their little hands and feet. After the baby is born, they are attracted by the world, and they are greedy to absorb the surrounding culture, knowledge as well as language, all of which are the flags for baby towards independence.


When the baby is about one year old, they start to learn to walk. To that point, they can take control their feet, so they do not need to act under the help of their parents. At first, out of curiosity, they will always be running around. At this point, their independence is no longer limited to thinking. They are really free and they can actually act.


For the baby, learning to walk is very important. Under normal circumstances, when the baby is six months old, they are able to sit up, and they can crawl until eight months, stand until ten months, and they can walk until twelve to thirteen month. In addition, after the baby gets a skill, they absolutely cannot put them aside and do not use them. After baby gradually gaining the ability to live independently, they will freely use these capabilities, so that develop these ability quickly.


Therefore, since the baby is born, they are making efforts to be independent. During the process, they may encounter some setbacks or some depression, but they do not flinch. At this time, parents should encounter them to grow, but do not hinder them.


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