Austin is the capital of Texas in the United State.

Austin is the capital of Texas in the United State. It is the fourth largest city in Texas and 14th populous city in U.S. Inhabitants of Austin are known as ‘Austinites’ and this place is an abode to development centers for many technology corporations. It has a diverse range of government employees, musicians, high tech workers and business people. It also has many musicians and lives music venues that promote this place as the “The Live Music Capital of the World”. If you want to experience the brilliant music of the world then this place is an idol choice. It includes several dance clubs, street musicians, eateries and piercing and tattoo shops. Austin was named for Stephen F. Austin who is a colonizer of the area. This place was founded in 1839 and it was selected as the capital of Texas because of its central location, natural prettiness, fresh water and proximity of sandstone. This haven is also considered as the safest city in U.S. because of the low crime rate. The climatic condition of this place is humid with hot summers and mild winters. Austin is also emerging as a hub for business industry.  Thousands of graduates from engineering and computer science sector provide quality source of employees that adds to the business industry and enable it to expand.

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