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Does your hectic schedule prohibit you from getting in touch with your faith and read the Bible? Do you feel down when you don’t get to read today’s verse and converse with God? With, you will no longer have to miss your “daily bread” or have excuses for not speaking with God.

Many people nowadays live in a fast paced lifestyle that they tend to overlook more important things than money and work, like reading the Bible. We can’t blame these people because they are just trying to fit and survive in this world we live in today. Thankfully and with the technology’s help of course, reading the Bible has been made easy; only one does not read the Bible, he now listens to it through MP3 audio bible. is your bridge toward your failing faith and reconnects with God again. It is an audio bible that comes in MP3 CD so you can get to listen to it wherever you are. Whether you are riding the car, chilling in your bedroom or basically wherever you are, you get your daily does of the Word of God. One just has to note that this MP3 bible only plays on CD or DVD player that is MP3 compatible.

At $9.95 per MP3 CD and with over 500 languages available, anybody at any part of the world can get a hold of his own copy. You don’t need to become a Christian to buy this audio bible, you just need to have that faith that you want to feed with the Lord’s Word. You also don’t need to worry about shipping fee because it’s free. is the website that you can visit to satisfy your spiritual needs. It is available in many languages so you can get one in your native tongue to understand the Word of God better.

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