As Exquisite as the Blue and White Porcelain – Prada Landscape Print Tote

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Isn’t that a piece of china? I thought Prada has made a piece of blue and white porcelain, which is a rather renowned kind of china produced in China. But when I have a closer look at it, the pattern on it does not seem so Chinese, and that’s definitely not made of porcelain. Well, it’s still a bag. The truth is sort of disappointing, though. Yet, with this one, I bet, you can catch most of the eyes on the street. If you want to have a special day and receive more attention from the passers-by, this Prada canvas landscape print tote is sure to make this fun.

Cream canvas it is, and this bag is designed with Pervinca canvas tote with landscape print on the front, completed with three various sizes of landscape image. I am so sure where the designer got the idea of designing and creating such a bag, but I still believe it has something to do with the blue and white porcelain. It also has Prada bags logo on top. This Prada tote can be carried in hand through the double rounded shoulder straps comfortably.

This Prada bag is a rather functional one with an ample dimension, although maybe nobody cares about its functionality when they are getting so unique a bag. But it is likely to take some skills or talent to pair it in a proper way, or otherwise it can still screw your style up. It seems that the bag won’t go so well with your casual daily outfits. Carrying it, you’d better in something more special than what you wear in other days.

And it comes with a price of $698, so it wouldn’t really hurt much to try this on and besides, since you know this could absolutely help you keep your essentials in a pretty voguish way.

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