Appreciation Is the Essential Quality to Human Body

When you enter into the art gallery to scan the various pieces of work, your heart will be touched; as you watch the pictures of beautiful scenery, you will feel a kind of happiness; while you go out for travelling, you will be relaxed and exciting to see so many interesting things…… All these feelings are brought by appreciation, which can be compared to a cup of cool tea when you are thirsty to make you feel refreshing.


In people’s lives, the quality of appreciation is very necessary. It could help people get rid of restlessness, remove trouble and get peaceful mind. For example, when people learn painting, they should be patient enough. When people paint outdoors, they need to appreciate the scenery first so that their personality will be changed in the process.


In fact, appreciation is to concentrate the people’s attention. When people enjoy the scene or appreciate an item, their body and mind will be in a good circulation state, which is very good for keeping mind healthy. When people have peaceful and calm mind, they will have enough courage to see other people and things wisely and calmly.


Appreciation helps people achieve various states of mind. When people finish their task and enjoy it quietly, they will have a happy state of mind; when scientist have new findings in their professional fields, they will get satisfactory state of mind as they think of their research; when people sit down to listen to music or drink a cup of good tea, they have quiet and peaceful state of mind; when grandpa watches his grandson to play games, they can get beatific state of mind. When all these states of mind enrich your life, the life will become complete and meaningful.


So, how to cultivate the appreciation? The key point is to love life. If people love life, they would like to explore the beautiful and kind things and learn to appreciate. On the contrary, if people lack the optimistic attitude to life and feel everything meaningless, how could they get appreciation?


The things people could appreciate differ from different people. Regardless of the content, people should have the wish of appreciation first of all.

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