Apple Can Develop Own Office Software to Replace That of Microsoft

Microsoft said this week that the company insisted that Apple reduce 30% dividends of the benefits obtained ordering Office 365through the iOS version of Office. In this regard, Mike Elgan, the columnist of technology website Cult of Mac, believed that Microsoft is emboldened by Office huge shares and Apple should not contribute to their arrogance.


Microsoft may think that its own Office in the vast majority of institutions occupy an essential position, thus feeling “very special” and they should not be on an equal footing with those small software companies.


I think Apple should adhere to the current position and say no to Microsoft’s request. In addition, they should also try to replace Office with its own office software iWork to end Office’s status as a global standard.


Why Office must die?


From the 1990s onwards, the Office became a closed standard. In the era of the “more is better”, Microsoft, in order to maintain their own fortune, continued to add a variety of functions in the already bloated and unwieldy software suite.


Until now, the complexity of Office almost makes people cannot use. Users are mentally exhausted in the struggle of competing with software for the control power. The automatically apply formatting options of Office will continue to open automatically after you close them; the urgent security upgrade will jump out when you most need to use the software; this or that annoying thing makes you almost cannot “use” this software, so you have to have a lot of rivalry with them.


The bigger problem is the Office incurred the wrong type of communication. With the help of Office, to make complex, ugly and bad format document becomes very easy.


Of course, the price of Office also has broken through the sky.


The cheapest Office 2010 is priced at $ 119, which is only limited to use by a single user or a single PC. If you want to upgrade, you need to spend $ 499 to buy Office Professional Edition for a single user / two PC using; if you want to use it on a third computer, and then you have to pay another $ 499.


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