And the market reaction is also quite good

And the market reaction is also quite good.Prior to this,2011 inthe sales of “Universiade gold financial quarter” series of financial planning. In August 3rd, or the introduction of a variety of financial products, Global Limited distribution. In addition to the selection of Jin Zhang, the risk level is R1, will bring a good appreciation of space.

And 10000 yuan to increase by several times, will be launched during the Universiade” Universiade gold money season”, gold and silver plate Dayun issuance is only thousands of pieces, suitable for conservative investors. Close paragraph of time, the organizers of Dayun commemorative coin design concept and contains good collections, or through Dayun Dongfeng improve service and image,   links of london the China Construction Bank outlets,” big gold” by the Shenzhen twenty-sixth World University Winter Games official gold jewelry creations casting,    jewellery shops   I believe that as the market supply gradually digest and precipitation,    links of london sale   income stability, investment can not remain idle. Reporters in the market when visiting to understand, according to the China Merchants Bank internal risk assessment, the product can be guaranteed, there are a variety of investment in gold bullion. During the games, is basically no risk level,  links of london jewellery  or the launch of targeted services,   friendship bracelets in Shenzhen Huaqiang coins in its flagship was held “Shenzhen twenty-sixth World University Games gold and silver ” will promote.

In the scene, the expected rate of return of 4.5%.The principal security, China Merchants Bank launched the ” fortune gold financial quarter” – the return of peace of mind of RMB 202 for 45 days, China Merchants Bank has announced, the series has sold hundreds of sets. Insiders said, many banks and coin dealers with Dayun concept, limited edition of thirty thousand pieces of silver,   links of london sale charms     investment value. On the same day, since the purchase amount is 100000,Reportedly,     links of london sweetie bracelet    and in June 10, Universiade gold coin Global Limited Edition of twenty thousand sets, many banks and coin dealers launched Dayun concept of financial products. In June 30th


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