Amazing Impression of green laser pointer

Users generally do not use the kind of mechanical surface thick plate, or we need to adjust the laser power was smaller, reusable clear day carving to bottom, the final effect may not be very good. A lot of manufacturers are producing the red   green laser pointer. In contrast, large color plates (such as black and white board) carved gray-scale image can be designed. After a large number of carved board itself may be some color distortion, can be used to tie the hands of hot water heating.
C, cut
Under normal circumstances, the user will ask you to cut a good color plates, this time using a laser, such as hello board, after it cut in the engraving. Note that speed is not too slow, not a cut through on three, four times for such cutting edge material out flat, no signs of melting. Carving processing power should be just right, not too large, in order to avoid melting traces appear. Red  green laser pointer requires mature technology. If the use of mechanical plate, it can only be cut to 50% depth, and then hand polished edge snapping and then sandpaper. If a mechanical machine the user can first cut in the mechanical machine, and then moved to the laser engraving machine.
D, clean
After carving can use a damp cloth or alcohol to clean the surface. But note that when the laser power, such as carving set too high, may cause color plate attached to the surface layer is difficult to wipe off the dust.
E, coloring
If users do not ask, performance can be marked using the network to those different colors. Red   green laser pointer is relatively cheap. Have to paint the carved area to paint some of the deep, you can use acrylic paints or alkyd enamel, the other two-tone paint can damage the surface of the plate finish.
5, the glass
A, glass
Laser engraving on glass surface, but the depth is not deep and can not be carved cutting. Under normal circumstances the laser can be formed on the surface of glass or broken the effect of frost. Green   green laser pointer requires better materials. Typically, users want to get frosting instead of crushing effect, it depends on how the work of the texture and hardness are the same.

B, carving
Glass sculpture is often difficult to control, in accordance with the following steps can make the effect more smooth matte surface: painted in the area to be carved a little wash clean, cut down an area slightly larger than the sculpture to the newspaper or napkins, water wet the paper completely filled, and squeeze the excess water, the wet paper on the area to pave the way not to have carved fold. Green   green laser pointer is relatively expensive. The glass on the engraving machine, in the wet state or when the paper sculpture, and then remove the glass, remove the residual paper, and then clean the glass surface. If necessary, gently polishing with 3M’s scotchBrite glass surface. Under normal circumstances, the laser power setting should be smaller, the precision setting in 300dpi, engraving speed faster, try using large-size lens for carving. related cell phone jammer blog:
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