Alternatives to van hire in Edinburgh

Whatever you need to move in Edinburgh, you probably want the best value for money so what are the options? Option one is to ask your friends and family if anyone has a van to help you get your stuff moved. That’s great if you know someone with a van, who isn’t using their van, and it’s not filled with their tools and work related equipment. Option 2 is to hire a van yourself and ask one or two of your friends to help you with the lifting and carrying. That works fine if you are over 25 and have a clean driving license and a credit card to secure the hire van against damages. It also tests your friendships as we find a lot of people suddenly have “other commitments” when the time comes to lug the bags and boxes up and down stairs all day. Option three then is to hire the man with the van. This way you get the van you need with the owner/driver to help you with the lifting and loading. You don’t need a driving license or a credit card to cover the van against damages, and you don’t have to strain friendships by recruiting your friends and family in to be porters for a day. Most Edinburgh man and van hire businesses can offer their vans with the driver only or with one or two more staff to help get your goods moved. The price of the man and van hire will depend on the amount of goods to be moved and how many stairs are involved at each end of the job. To hire an Edinburgh van man, you can find them online by searching the internet for “man and van hire Edinburgh movers”. Take a look at the websites on display and look for one with a references page and read what other people had to say about the service. Then give them a call and explain what you need help with and they should be able to give you a fixed price for the job.

If you are thinking about van hire in Edinburgh, why not consider van and man. It saves you all the paperwork and you get a handy man to help.

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