Alternative Corporate Welfare In Foreign

Testament welfare

Google has always been known for its generous employee benefits, but a Google new welfare let the world surprise: If the employees dead because of accident, their spouses can enjoy the death of half of the employees remuneration in the next 10 years. Their minor children also receive monthly living expenses of $ 1,000 until the age of 19. Expect for these, the spouses can get the equity grants of deceased employees. 3.4311 10,000 staffs around the world are eligible.


Lovelorn holidays

According to Japan’s Kyodo news, a women market research firm of Tokyo has the system of lovelorn holiday. It wrote: unmarried staffs who were disappointed in love affair could apply to the company to give them holidays every year. The company official said: “Rather they lead to work mistakes because of lovelorn than to give them a holiday.” Therefore, people who under the age of 25 can have one day, more than 30 years old can have three days of paid vacation. Humane system was supported by many women.


Nap Service

Many people have been criticized and even lose their jobs due to doze off during working hours. Today, many companies in France began to take the initiative to require employees to take a nap during working hours for the health of employees and improve work efficiency. Some companies have even opened up the “sleepy” nap service area for staffs. Local media said the “work nap “is the most anticipated or the health of employees and improve work efficiency in the 21st century.


Free aircraft

A chemical company which the headquarters is located in the middle of United States is isolated. Some employees have left the company because of life is too monotonous in small town. To this end, the company has developed to retain personnel policy: new employees work for at least a year can get a million dollars in prize money; new employees sign a contract within a week after receipt of the Notification, and the wages will double in the first month. The company will also help employees move from elsewhere to local. Expect for these, the company also provides charter service for employees, so that employees will be able to enjoy the quiet country life and also can feel the hustle and bustle of big cities. Employees and their family members can take the free flights.


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