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“It’s a mystery how an enclave – anchored by a roadway called Canada Dr. and intersected by Winnipeg Rd., Toronto Rd., Montreal Rd., V replica tiffany ancouver Rd., and Yukon Rd. (there is an Alberta Rd. nearby) – came to be located in this southern African capital.” The subdivision was surveyed in 1951. No one knows why the district of Harare, Zimbabwe (before 1980 known as Salisbury, Rhodesia) was given these names. One suggestion is that the names are the legacy of gratitude for Canadian pilots who attended the RAF training centre nearby during World War II. 435. Is there a village named Sheshatshit? There is a village named Sheshatshit on the Quebec-Labrador peninsula occupied by the native Innu. They call it Nitassinan, “Our Homeland.” It is currently threatened by mining and forestry activity as well as low-flying, low-level NATO fighter-jet training. 436. Where does Northern Ontario begin? The Province of Ontario is composed of Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario for the purposes of comparison and contrast. The economy of the southern part is highly agricultural and industrial, the economy of the 1000 Questions About Canada northern part is principally resource-based. The dividing point has long been a subject of contention, as there are subsidies earmarked for communities and companies in the north that are not available to those in the south. In the 1960s, the Conservative administration under William Davis defined the dividing point as the city of Barrie which was considered northern. Other administrations have accepted North Bay as the first northern city. As one northern politician said, “The brains begin at Barrie.” He did not specify whether they are located north or south of that city. 437. Where is Las Ca.adas? Las Ca.adas is the name of a rain forest in Mexico. The forest is found in the province of San Cristóbal de las Casas. 438. Are some of the states in the United States younger than some of the Canadian provinces? Yes. Alberta and Saskatchewan joined the Dominion of Canada in 1905; Newfoundland followed in 1949. Five of the states are younge tiffany jewellery uk r than Alberta and Saskatchewan, two younger than Newfoundland. Oklahoma joined the Union in 1907, Arizona and New Mexico in 1912. Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959, ten years after Newfoundland joined Canada. 439. Is the Niagara Peninsula a peninsula? The landmass that lies between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie has two designations. In Canada it is called the Niagara Peninsula. In the United States it is known as the Niagara Frontier. Neither designation is correct. It is neither a peninsula nor a frontier. In geographical terms it might best be described as an isthmus, a neck of l tiffany and co bracelet and connecting two larger bodies of land. 440. What is Cascadia? Places Cascadia is the name of the geographical area that comprises the Province of British Columbia and the States of Washington and Oregon. According to broadcaster Bill Casselman, “It encompasses roughly the watershed of the Cascade Range, a part of the Rocky Mountains cordillera that runs right up into southern British Columbia. The name may have been suggested by Cascadia State Park in Oregon.” The coinage also suggests a state of mind: a bucolic region separated from the rest of the North American continent. 441. Is Hudson Bay a bay or a sea? Hudson Bay, named after the explorer Henry Hudson, is basically an inland sea. As Ken MacQueen wrote in “Toponomy” in The Toronto Star, 14 December 1996, “Together, Hudson Bay, James Bay, Foxe Basin, Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay constitute the real tiffany jewelry on sale world’s largest inland sea to be confined within the borders of a single country.” 442. What is the Canada Sea? Canada Sea (or Mer du Canada) is the unofficial name given the waters of Hudson Bay and James Bay, along with the adjacent Foxe Basin, Hudson Strait, and Ungava Bay. According to Maclean’s, 23 September 1996, two attempts have been made to give this designation to these waters. W.F. Maclean introduced a private member’s bill to the House of Commons in 1903. The idea was revived in November 1994 by a Dartmouth couple, Harvey Adams and Barbara Schmeisser, as a gesture toward Canadian unity and a desire to assert national supremacy over the body of water. 443. When did John Cabot make his landfall at Newfoundland? John Cabot, or Giovanni Caboto, sailed for the merchants of Bristol and made his landfall on the coast of Newfoundland in 1497. It took the navigator six weeks to cross the Atlantic in his caravel the Matthew. Five hundred years later a replica of the original vessel was built. In the summer of 1997, the Matthew tiffany discount jewellery II was sailed across the Atlantic and the vessel made a seventeen-port tour of “the new founde lande.” 1000 Questions About Canada 444. Is the population of any American state greater than the total population of Canada? California is the most populous of the American states. In 2000 its population was estimated to be 32,000,000. In comparison, Cana where can you buy tiffany jewelry da’s total population is estimated to be 30,000,000. The most populous U.S. state after California is New York, with a population of 20,000,000. Therefore California is the sole U.S. state with a population greater than Canada’s. There may be more Californians than Canadians, but they have less room to roam. The U.S. state covers 412,602 square kilometres, whereas Canada covers 9,976,139 square kilometres. Canadians are neither cramped nor confined! 445. Is Canada the best country in the world in which to live? Canada has the distinction of being “the best country in the world in which to live,” according to the Human Development Report 1992 released by the United Nations. Subsequent annual rankings have confirmed this distinction. Canada was ranked higher than its principal competitors, Japan and the United States. The high ranking is based on quality of life measured in terms of national income, life expectancy, and educational attainment. The findings of the UN report first appeared in The Globe and Mail, 17 April 1992. Things This page intentionally left blank 446. What are “snow worms”? There are no such things as “snow worms” – worm-like lifeforms that live in the northern environment of ice and snow. From time to time scientists have encountered some minute forms of life – larvae, etc. – embedded in fields of ice and snow, but such forms of life are non-native to ice and snow and were introduced accidentally to the domain. They thrive there for but a short period of time. Yet rumours persist that “snow worms” thrive in northern fields of ice and sno tiffany uk w. Charles Fort, the American collector of oddities, discussed this notion in The Book of the Damned (1919). “I accept that there are ‘snow man jewelry worms’ upon this earth – whatever their origin may be,” he stated. “There is a description of yellow worms and black worms that have been found together on glaciers in Alaska. Almost positively there were no other forms of insect-life upon these glaciers, and there was no vegetation to support insect-life, except microscopic organisms. Nevertheless the description of this probably polymorphic species fits a description of larvae said to have fallen in Switzerland, and less definitely fi antique tiffany jewelry ts another description.” 1000 Questions About Canada 447. Who talks about “Canada Grays,” “Canada Peaker,” and “Canadian Way”? A logger talks about them. These are slang terms that are used by workers employed in the forest industry. According to L.G. Sorden and Jacque [sic] Vallier in Lumberjack Lingo (1986), “Canada Grays” are warm woollen socks; “Canada Peaker” is a system of arranging logs on a load in the form of a triangle; “Canadian Way” is the practice of cutting logs into lengths instead of hauling entire log trunks to the landing. 448. Is a “Quebec choker” a strangler from Chicoutimi? Not quite! A “Quebec choker” is a slang term for a peavey, and a peavey is the proper term for a spiked cant hook used by a logger. A logger uses an ordinary cant hook to move a log on land, but a log in the water requires a cant hook with a spike which is called a peavey or sometimes a Quebec choker. 4 tiffany london 49. What are mackinaws? Mackinaws may be overcoats or boats jewellery store . A mackinaw is a winter overcoat traditionally worn by a lumberjack. It is a short, double-breasted, woollen, plaid coat. The mackinaw is not to be confused with the mackintosh, the raincoat made of rubber cloth. It recalls the name of the nineteenth-century Scottish inventor Charles Mackintosh, whereas the mackinaw bears the name of the eighteenth- century trading post on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron at the entrance to the Straits of Mackinac. The flat-bottomed boat used to haul lumber and supplies on the Great Lakes is called the mackinaw boat. Its name recalls Mackinaw or the Michilimackinac area of Upper Michigan and Northern Ontario. 450. What are other names for the Lumberjack Bird or the Camp Robber? Things The Canada Blue Jay, the Canadian Jay, and the Whiskey Jack are other names for the Lumberjack Bird or the Camp Robber. The latter terms are identified as “lumberjack lingo” by L.G. Sorden and Jacque [sic] Vallier in their book Lumberjack Lingo (1986). 451. What dish is named after Pierre Sévigny? Pierre Sévigny served as the Associate Minister of National Defence under Prime Minister Diefenbaker. The public links Sévigny with the Munsinger Affair, a political sex scandal which came to light in the 1960s. His name is also recalled in connection with another “dish,” this one being paté de fois gras Sévigny, also known as paté de fois gras Canadien. According to Susan Cartwright and Alan Edmonds, authors of The Prime Ministers’ Cook Book (1976), “The recipe found its way into many Ottawa kitchens, including the one at Sussex Drive.” The authors include the recipe for the paté, which is highly spiced, includes cognac, and should be served four or five days after preparation. 452. What was Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s favourite snack food? According to Susan Cartwright and Alan Edmonds, authors of The Prime Ministers’ Cook Book (1976), Pierre Elliott Trudeau, while Prime Minister, most enjoyed nibbling on chocolate chip cookies. He also had a special liking for bread and drippings – a French-Canadian specialty called graisse du r.ti (grease of the roast). “Just as the French peasant talent for dignif jewellery store ying poorer cuts of meat and offal with sauces has become the measure of today’s haute cuisine, so French Canadians have elevated bread and dripping to the status of a gourmet’s delight.” 453. Is beer heavily taxed? Yes. “Unfortunately for consumers, Canada also ranks very high with respect to taxes on a case of beer. In Canada commodity and sales taxes alone make up 52% of the average retail price of beer, ranking Canada third highest among free-world countries. By comparison taxes in United States average 16% and rank 19th out of 21 countries surve tiffany jewelry store yed.” The information is reprinted from the brochure The

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