All on 4 Implants: Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered! PART 3

Welcome back to our four-part FAQ guide on All on 4 implants. In our previous article, the second installment of the series, we took a closer look at what procedure is involved in giving patients new teeth with the “All on Four”. We also explained just how this “breakthrough” teeth replacement technique surpasses traditional removable dentures in benefits and advantages. In this article, the third installment of the series, we shall delve a little deeper into the more nitty-gritty of your concerns, starting with the most popular of all patients’ questions:

Question: Does it hurt to have new teeth placed with All on 4 implants?

Answer:Pain is, not surprisingly, one of a patient’s key concerns when it comes to getting dental implants placed. However, you’ll be happy to hear that the procedure typically causes no more discomfort than a straightforward tooth extraction! You will be anesthetized for surgery, so pain is not a concern while you are having your implants placed. Any post-operative discomfort can typically easily be managed with over-the-counter painkillers, such as Tylenol or Advil or a prescription pain pill. In any case, most patients report feeling fine after only one or two days.

Question: How many days will I need to take off from work?

Answer:Most specialists will recommend that you book yourself off from work for at least a few days after having a new set of teeth placed. You will want to get your healing off to as good a start as possible and also allow yourself to recover from the procedure. Having said this, some patients return to work the very next day!

“I always tell patients to take three or more days off, but some are so keen to show off their new teeth that they end up going to work anyway,” says an All on 4 implant specialist. “This is fine as long as you follow all post-operative care instructions and avoid hard, crunchy foods for the specified time period.”

Question: Will my new teeth look natural?

Answer:Take a look at the above “Before and After” images. If you didn’t know the context of this informative article, you’d think you were looking at natural sets of teeth (right hand column). From the pearly luster of the teeth to the healthy, pink sheen of the gums, the fixed dental prosthesis is carefully fabricated to resemble a natural set of teeth and gums.

Question: Will I be able to eat different kinds of foods?

Answer: Once the dental implants have successfully healed and your oral surgeon has given you permission to resume a normal diet, you will be able to eat most of the foods you love! All on 4 implants are capable of supporting a far stronger bite than removable dentures, which makes your daily menu far more interesting. There are certain foods you will need to be wary of, such as certain candies, toffee and exceptionally hard and crunchy foods, but otherwise feel free to order what you want!

Question: How do I look after my new teeth?

Answer: The dental prosthesis supported by the All on 4 implants is cared for similar to regular teeth. It requires thorough brushing and flossing and you may also want to gargle with an anti-bacterial mouthwash between meals. Specialists also recommend a Waterpik®, which is particularly effective at cleaning between the teeth.

Stay Tuned for Part 4:

To read the answers to more of your frequently asked questions on All on 4 implants, stay tuned for the final installment of this four-part article series.

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