All on 4 Dental Implants in NJ: Addressing the Common Complaints of Denture-Wearers, PART 2

In our previous article post, we began discussing the various problems and challenges faced by the many thousands of people who have opted for removable dentures as their tooth replacement technology. In this article, the next installment of this two-part series on the benefits of All on Four dental implant in NJ, we shall look at a few more common complaints provided by patients who have long lived with the crippling challenges and repeated expenses of dentures.

Removable Dentures, Permanent Problems: What Patients Say, Continued

“Every year or two, I have to go back to the dentist to have my dentures refitted. I don’t understand how it is that dentures that once worked so well can become so loose and uncomfortable! It’s costing me quite a bit of money to keep up!”

One of the biggest problems associated with missing teeth is that it results in the steady loss of bone volume from the jaw. The roots of your teeth not only keep the crowns anchored in your mouth; they provide an essential source of stimulation to the jaw that keeps it alive and healthy. Removable dentures only replace the visible tooth structures – the crowns – which means that they do nothing to halt the inevitable loss of bone volume in the jaw caused by tooth loss. Over the years, this loss of bone volume (caused by atrophication of the hard tissue) actually remodels the jaw bone, causing old dentures to fit less and less well. This resorption of the jaw bone also results in those aged and sunken facial aesthetics we typically associate with elderly denture-wearers.

The Difference with All on Four Dental Implants in NJ:

All on Four dental implants in NJ are used to secure a fully customized and non-removable prosthetic dental bridge in the mouth. Because dental implants in NJ are essentially artificial tooth roots, they help to promote the health and vitality of the underlying jaw bone tissue. This prevents atrophy and resorption from changing the shape of the jaw bone over the years, thus negating the need to have prosthetic restorations refitted. All on Four dental implants in NJ not only save patients a lot of money in the long run, they also save your youthful facial contours from being ruined by jaw bone loss.

“Removable dentures are a misery to live with. I wish I could have a second chance at having a full and health set of teeth!”

Unfortunately, once a tooth has become irreparably damaged or decayed, you cannot grow a new one. But where you can get a second chance at having a full and beautiful smile is from the technology you choose to replace missing teeth with. Removable dentures enable patients to eat, speak and smile with a degree of confidence, but they are an archaic solution that has long been surpassed by dental implants in NJ and the sophisticated surgical protocol designed to place them.

The Difference with All on Four Dental Implants in NJ:

All on Four dental implants in NJ offer edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients the chance to get a full set of teeth that is:

  • Immediately functional, enabling patients to eat all the foods they love but previously couldn’t handle with ill-fitting dentures.
  • The prosthesis attached to the abutments of the dental implants in NJ is expertly fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable from a complete set of natural healthy teeth, giving patients a beautiful and confident smile.
  • Dental implants in NJ are completely comfortable, do not cause any self-consciousness and are a long term investment in your oral health.

A Final Note about All on Four Dental Implants NJ

Dental implants in NJ really are the most sophisticated tooth replacement solution for patients that have long struggled with the crippling challenges of removable dentures. With the incredible benefits made possible by dental implants in NJ, there really is no more need to suffer with inferior technology.

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