All Of The Empower Network Products and Pyramid Scheme Explained

Empower Network Products are proving to be very popular, but there is some confusion about what the Empower Network Products acutally involve. In summary, the product is training on how to make money by writing blog posts and marketing these blog posts as an affiliate marketer. So you make money from the system but refering other people to join and receive the training themselves. But in order to have the rights to sell the system, you need to be a paying member yourself.

You can only promote what you already own with the the system.

The Empower Network Pyramid scheme also means that you make much more than just one-off commissions. When you refer one person to the system, then you get a monthly payment from them directly into your bank account.

What is more, with the empower network pyramid scheme, if that person then goes on to refer several people themself as an internet marketer, then you also get second tier commissions from those referals. So you get a nice bit of residual income passing up to yourself without actually having to do much work.

There is also an upgrade to the product, which is called the inner circle. In the inner circle you get even more training and insider information. This costs more per month, but you also get resell rights to the product so if you just refer one person to the inner circle then you get the system for free. So if you refer ten people who go for the upgrade then you will have over $1,000 a month in residual commissions coming your way!

What is more, there is also another upgrade! This is called the costa rica training system. It involves flying out to costa rica to get special training from David Wood himself. You will want to be at a good level of income at this point however to make sure that you can afford it. But if you do purchase the costa rica training, then you have the rights to promote this product as an affiliate marketer. It costs $500 and if someone you sign-up goes for this purchase, then 100% of that $500 will be deposited directly into your bank account. This is just a one off payment however and does not recur on a monthly basis.

So in summary, there is a wide range of empower network products for you to use, and promote to make money from. The key is to purchase the upgrades so that when someone upgrades themself, you will get all the money for this. Otherwise these commissions are passed up one level above you and to your sponsor. The sponsor is the person whom signed you up in the first place. So make sure you upgrade to the inner circle to ensure that you dont miss out.

For more on empower network products, visit the empower network site and the empower network pyramid scheme blog post.

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