All About Bowen Designs

First established in 1982, Bowen Designs is a company specializing in the design and sale of entertainment-based collectible statues. For the most part, the creations coming out of Bowen Designs have been based on the super heroes and well-known villains from Marvel Comics. However they have also brought to life many characters from movies and indie comic books.

Bowen Designs’ primary sculptor is Randy Bowen, who also heads up the design department. He is renowned as being one of the best known and respected sculptors in the industry. He got his start in the garage kit niche and quickly rose to become an industry authority. Presently, Bowen Designs often utilizes freelance sculptors and prototype painters due to the large amount of products being released.

Collectors and creators alike have said that the mini-busts based on the Marvel Comics characters produced by Bowen have stimulated a new era in collectible statues. In the past these splendidly produced collectible items were poorly crafted and did not fully capture the beauty of their drawn counter parts. At that time no suitable connection between the price point, quality and edition size could be found. That was until Bowen Designs came upon the scene. At just about the same time the super hero movie craze began. Today, the collectible statues market continues to grow and includes other companies who have each found their niche in the market.

Marvel and Bowen Designs Unite
It has been just over a decade now since Bowen Designs began its licensing deal with Marvel Comics. In May 1998, Bowen released The Hulk as the first Bowen Marvel Mini-Bust to be produced. Just in time for Christmas that same year we saw Daredevil presented as the first in a series of Marvel Bowen Statues. Bowen Designs’ license once covered mini-statues, these were produced in a much smaller size than Bowen’s other Marvel statues, however not very many were released and the mini-statues were not revived. As the partnership between Marvel and Bowen Design developed the licensing periods were broken up into “phases,” where each new phase was started upon verification of renewal of the license. Recently, yet another phase has been confirmed by Bowen Designs.

A large following of collectibles fans now closely watch and anticipate for Bowen Designs’ next wonderful series of high quality pieces to hit the market. The limited edition statues and busts of Marvel figures sold by Bowen are obviously the best on the market and it will be difficult for anyone to take their #1 spot in the genre. With the rapid growth and interest in this niche other firms have also entered the market but for the most part specialise in other items like clothing, replicas and fine prints.

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