Advice from Dentists in Pueblo CO: Your Children and Dental Emergencies, PART 1

Kids are mischievous, energetic and excitable. And when you combine this unbridled energy with their general lack of self-awareness, the result can be – and frequently is – injury and tears. Lots of tears! Dentists in Pueblo CO frequently tend to children who have slipped, fallen or walked straight into something that is just that little bit harder than the enamel of their teeth. “Having a tooth chipped, cracked or even knocked out entirely is incredibly painful. Your gums also tend to bleed a lot from any kind of physical trauma, which can be quite upsetting for a young child,” explain dentists in Pueblo CO. “As a parent, this kind of facial and/or oral trauma can also be very frightening. There are things you should know and there are things you can do for your kid in a dental emergency.”

In this two-part article series, we shall provide you – as a parent or guardian – with some advice from dentists in Pueblo CO on what to do in a dental emergency.

Ask the Colorado Springs Dentist: What is a Dental Emergency?

“A dental emergency is any oral-related problem that requires immediate attention,” explain dentists in Pueblo CO. “Being an emergency, this problem is generally unforeseen and can be caused by an accident involving trauma to the face or mouth.” So, examples of dental trauma include soft tissue injuries, broken or chipped teeth, a knocked-out tooth or a dislodged restoration.

Toothaches, abscesses or damaged orthodontic braces are also considered dental emergencies; however, the kinds the Colorado Springs dentist will be discussing today are those caused by playground accidents. You know: the ones that happen while your back is turned for – you swear – a single second and are then heralded by a piercing shriek, followed by much crying and hiccupping.

Ask the Colorado Springs Dentist: What do I do?

  • A Broken or Chipped Tooth or Teeth

If your child has fallen, slipped or been hit in the face and had one of more of their teeth chipped or cracked, try to rescue any tooth fragments you can find. Dentists in Pueblo CO advise that you rinse their mouth out with warm and preferably salty water to wash out any blood and prevent them from swallowing broken bits of enamel. “If your child’s mouth is bleeding, which it probably will be, apply a folded square of gauze or even a teabag to the wound and get them to bite down gently on it,” say dentists in Pueblo CO. “This should staunch the bleeding. You should also apply a cold compress to the cheek directly outside the injury to quell the pain and keep the swelling down.”

According to dentists in Pueblo CO, you can use many different things as a cold compress: a bag of frozen peas or a few ice cubes wrapped in a soft towel should do the trick. You could even use a cold cola tin if you have nothing else at hand. Once you have performed these actions, get your Colorado Springs dentist on the phone and book an immediate appointment with them.

“And remember to stay calm! Alerting all panic stations is only going to make your child more upset and less likely to comply with your demands. This could exacerbate their injury,” warn dentists in Pueblo CO.

Colorado Springs Dentist: Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for the next installment of this two-part article series to read more advice from dentists in Pueblo CO on what to do in dental emergencies.

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