Addiction treatment program: Towards a healthy and fruitful life

Drug addiction is a complex illness that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking attitude which have devastating consequences. The prolonged drug effects on the brain functioning which result in lack of motivation including learning and memory deficiency. It affects the life on the relational, social, economical and moral front. Accordingly comprehensive treatment plan has to incorporate many factors where each treatment component is directed towards drug free life and productive functionality in the family. The chronic natures of this illness make the treatment process a complicated and prolonged one. The treatment principles are thought out of the facts that it is a treatable disease, no single treatment is appropriate, multiple needs have to be addressed, the patient has to go through longtime treatment phase, detoxification is the first stage of this treatment and the treatment process  should asses patient for presence of HIV/AIDS , hepatitis B&C ,tuberculosis and other  infectious diseases.Medaication and behavioral therapy when combined  provide the important treatment component which is significantly followed by relapse prevention process. Even after the in-house treatment period the recovering patients have to visit the treatment centers so that they can cope with challenges to come back to the mainstream.

The treatment is provided in various settings using variety of behavioral and pharmological approaches. The various classes of care providers include counselors, physicians, psychologists, nurses and social workers. Treatment is provided in outpatient and residential settings. A variety of therapeutically structured programs are delivered in the course of treatment. As it refers to a major public health problem the treatment is funded by state, local government and even corporate. Employer subsidized plans provide for the coverage of treatment cost. Previously systemic funding resulted in shorter stays in the centers and hence the success rate was not impressive. A variety of effective treatments are available for heroin addiction and the treatment is proved to be effective when the addiction is identified early.

In the case you consider any Addiction treatment program you will find that after initial use of medicines, such program is aimed at change in behavior pattern. It is always advised by the counselors that the stay at the Drug abuse treatment centers always should be longer to get the desired result.

On the other hand Heroin addiction treatment involves firstly the detoxification program which aims at safe remedy with respect to withdrawal symptoms. The best documented treatment procedure ids the therapeutic residential program which last for 3-6 months. Previously Methadone treatment was in use to suppress narcotic withdrawal tendencies. In fact on the long run behavioral therapy has been found to be most effective. The alcohol treatment centre also aims at change in behavior pattern so that the recovering patient can be part of the main stream life.

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