Acura Touch Up Paint – What To Do for Best Results

As a cool Acura owner, you appreciate the finer things in life and blemish-free paint is certainly something you notice. You have maybe found yourself cringing when a car passes you by with a nasty scratch that the driver just isn’t taking care of. But what do you do if Acura’s spotless paint job gets scratched?

There are many options to touch up Acura paint including going to the ever pricey autobody shop. Of course that is not only expensive, but who knows how long the shop will take to fix your Acura’s paint. Another option is to try one of the infomercial products that declare to “fix your Acura scratch in 5 seconds or less!” but we all know those are just plain crazy. In our opinion, the best choice is to order Acura touch up paint for your car, and do the simple paint repair yourself.

Do It Yourself Paint Repair with Acura Touch Up Paint

So you want to try using Acura touch up paint to fix that paint damage on your own? Great – you will not be saddened as long as you are ready and willing to learn a little bit about how Acura touch up paint works.

So how did your Acura paint get blemished in the first place? Did someone scrape your bumper in a parallel parking capacity? Do you need Acura touch up paint because someone opened their car door and scratched your paint? Maybe a shopping cart got loose in the parking lot and you’ve now got dinged Acura paint!

The nature of your Acura paint damage is substantial as depending on the area of your Acura scratch, chip, or ding, you will use a different Acura touch up paint product. If the scratch is small, you’ll want to use an Acura touch up paint pen. If there are numerous scratches (maybe you took a little while longer than originally expected to get around to fixing that Acura paint) then you will want to use a bottle of Acura touch up paint. If you have an admittedly big scratch, and want to get the best results, you’ll want to opt for an Acura touch up paint spray can.

Using Acura Touch Up Paint

So you figured out which paint repair item to use, and now you are ready to get started making your Acura flash again. There are a few basic steps you follow in every paint repair job. First you need to clean the area where the scratch in your Acura paint is. You can prepare for Acura touch up paint, by simply cleansing the area with balmy soapy water. Next, you will want to use a wax and grease remover product on the damaged area.

Once the area is clean and moistureless, you’ll want to make sure your Acura is in a relatively warm and calm place. Prime the area where you plan to use Acura touch up paint. This is as effortless as simply dabbing some primer onto the paint and letting it dry.

The next step is when you indeed get to apply the Acura touch up paint! Making sure that you order the Acura touch up paint color that indeed matches your car, test the paint so you can check the color match and get a feel for applying it. Put just a little bit of Acura touch up paint in the damaged areas and let it dry for a few minutes. Do a couple layers until you get the scratched paint back up to the level of the original paint.

Making Your Car Sparkle After Using Acura Touch Up Paint

After you’ve got your damaged paint hidden over using Acura touch up paint, you are now ready to put the finishing touches on. You’ll want to use some clearcoat (kind of like clear nail polish) over the touched up Acura paint. Then you can use a rubbing compound to really smooth it out and make it shiny!

You just not spent a bundle, didn’t have to leave your car at the shop, and were able to get your Acura paint looking great again using Acura touch up paint!

You will want to accomplish the best Acura touch up paint obtainable when you pull off your Acura paint repair. Acura owners are turning to online touch up paint store PaintScratch to order paint that most closely matches their Acura’s color, and to access further teaching on Acura paint repairs.

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