About Your Career – Are You Dealing with Burnout?

Anxiety and stress that you’ve been suffering may make you feel totally helpless and not capable to handle what life throws at you. This can can lead to unhappiness, despair, and eventually depression. When in a job, you feel that you are overburdened, and being expected to simply suck it up and keep going and regardless of your attempts to manage the situation and get singled out for failure, severe stress may eventually overcome and you’ll lose interest in work and life. This is burn out. Complete sadness, isolation, and helplessness are experienced when going through burnout and simply can not go on.

Burn out is not isolated to mental harm alone, like as depression, but can also be physical. Something like this happened to my cousin despite carefully loving his career. You can receive chest pains, rapid heartbeats, and nausea from stress and continued exposure to it is bad news. What can be done if you are facing burn out? Before everything else, one must know that one is dealing with some burn out. Constant irritation, depression, feelings of helplessness etc. can give a hint to what is happening. Additionally, one’s body may give signs such as headache, fatigue etc. You’ll have to see a doctor on the subject off your body’s physical condition and discuss about burn out. As soon as you realize that you are looking at burn out, the sooner you can get rid of it.

The very first thing to do is to preserve yourself. Your physical health is really important. If the job demand fails to scale down, have a word with your boss and associates. Reduce work load and redesign goals with hopes that work-related stress and anxiety reduces. Relax when you can, perhaps learn yoga. Surrounding yourself with others is good because their fellowship in this condition will be necessary in dealing with burnout.

One last thing, often, we doesn’t say no enough, and keep taking more responsibilities to avoid causing anybody to feel bad. In the process, we end up suffering discontent and unhappiness and, notwithstanding our good faith effort, are incapable of pleasing those who we want to help. This causes a lot more annoyance, anger, and melancholy, and one starts off feeling hopeless about work and, eventually, life. Unappreciated and misunderstood. If you are such a kind of person, be on alert for the signals of burn out carefully.

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