AAARemotes – offering finest quality garage door openers

AAARemotes has been the key provider of efficient gate and garage door openers since the year 1993. Since its beginning, they have collaborated with Mega Access Controls Inc.

for providing the technology. Over the years, they have accumulated a lot of valuable experience and vary large range of remote based products. These products range from circuit boards, to replacement remote transmitters, receivers, wired and wireless keypads, infrared eye kits and gear assemblies. They have all a customer needs for a gate or garage door opener under one single shopping destination. They display all their products on their websites ad it is regularly updated. But if the product is not there on the website and it is in the market, they can get it for the customer.

AAARemotes provides quality garage door openers at lowest prices in the market. They buy in bulk from the manufactures and pass on the saving to their customers. This has been their business since for over 18 years and they take immense pride in carrying it on. AAARemotes has a huge collection of models and brands including parts, transmitters, accessories, peripherals and entire operators. They also have a full line of motion detectors, wireless keypads; upgrade kits, garage door monitors and a lot more. One particularly popular product is the Liftmaster garage door opener.

This comes for a hefty price of $245 but it entirely worth the money. It is the perfect blend of power and quite. This has a 7 feet rail included and can life even the heaviest of garage doors with precision. It has a high efficiency motor that gives highly improved performance in extreme weather conditions. It lets the customer electronically program security codes. Liftmaster garage door opener enclosed gear case gives continuous lubrication and thereby increases the product life by protecting it. It also delivers 200 watts of light with a highly efficient adjustable light time delay. It also comes with a lifetime belt and motor warranty and 5 years parts warranty.

AAARemotes use Yahoo!’s SSL technology for processing orders so that the customer’s orders are absolutely secure. All the customers’ credit card information is purged from the company’s database regularly to ensure the protection of highest standards. The website gives the customers volume and wholesale discounts on almost every product. Each product also has a specific individual discount. They also have special discounts for bulk orders crossing the limits of 50+, 100+ and 500+ orders.

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