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Notes: The text below was published October 13, 2011 by a member of “The Ocean Explorer,” When they lost contact with the man who wrote those letters, I now choose to publish this text across a large number of websites to make sure that it does not disappear. I ask you as a moderator / admin to approve the text.

To: Ocean Explorer from – xxxxxx
I had your short video sent to me by a colleague. I worked for the British MoD before resigning. Long story so will not bore you with all the details suffice to say that I was often tasked with monitoring a Mr xxxxxx. He wrote a best selling book titled ‘Hall of the Gods’ back in 1998. It was pulled from the shops almost immediately amid claims by twelve notable authors of plagiarism. xxxxx legally fought them but it cost him his marriage and life savings to do so and his book was never put back on the shelves. Though you can still purchase it on Amazon.
Whilst investigating Mr xxxxx, I came into contact with many strange individuals both in the US and UK governments and beyond. A deliberate and sustained operation was kept in force to constantly derail his activities and research in the so called interests of National security. This even went as far as the Israeli and Egyptian governments.
Mr xxxxx also wrote another book titled Desert Fire about the last Gulf War exposing the deception and illegal reasons for the war. That book was likewise removed from sale with the minimum of fuss. Mr xxxxxx has had his reputation almost ruined but he still persists in doing his work and research into mankinds true origins and history and highly advanced technologies. I saw several papers he wrote and patents for designs on antigravity systems that appeared to work.
He started writing a book titled the Phoenix agreement which covered all his research but written into a fictionalized account of covert military operations and ancient artifacts as well alien technologies. I managed to read over half of the initial draft of this book before the US DoD and UK MoD classified it and removed much of the information. Consequently xxxxx did not, to my knowledge, bother finishing the manuscript. I have obtained half of the book and is why I am writing to you now.
In the book it details how the main character in the story, along with many verifiable facts coincidentally, uses a back engineered power source to recharge an ancient recovered vimanha/space craft from the Russians and uses it to escape from their country before deliberately hiding it on the Baltic sea bed. I think you can see why I am now writing this. I will be happy to forward the entire half of the manuscript that I managed to keep if interested. It could all be a total waste of time and pure coincidence but as I have learnt, there is no such thing really.
I should imagine you have been swamped with UFO people so I am quite surprised you have replied so promptly. I am very much encouraged that you are keeping a clear and professional mind and approach to the object on the sea bed.

Mr xxxxxx I know spent many years researching a broad spectrum of subjects that ranged from ancient history and mythology, astrophysics, archaeology, paleontology, geophysics, Egyptology, biology etc to name just a few. His book ‘Hall of the Gods’ covered much of those subjects in some considerable technical detail. He also worked with people and groups within the British MoD and US DoD that gave him access to all manner of things. It was during his time with them that I was assigned to keep tabs on him as he was considered a bit of a maverick. Mr xxxxxx always argued that modern science is limited in its approach as people tend to specialise in one area of expertise when in fact you need a complete holistic overview of all the sciences to see the complete picture. This he tried to do and with some success.
His book Hall of the Goods used all the above areas of scientific and academic research to combine them to positively locate the fabled so-called Hall of Records in Egypt. Satellite fractal analysis imaging of his projected calculations did indeed show that a large circular structure surrounded by twelve smaller ones was exactly where he said it would be just 37 feet below the surface. Our own understanding of science meant that the ancient codes could not be cracked or seen for what they are until 1974 at the earliest. You would have to read his technical notes within his book to get a better understanding of these details as it is far too complex for me to explain.
I first learnt about Mr xxxxxx when the Sunday Times did a full page article on him titled ‘Raiders of the Lost Archives’. It explained his theories about mankind’s apparent true origins and that mans history goes much further back in antiquity and how our ancient forefathers, knowing that a worldwide cataclysm was impending in their time, buried halls containing their sum knowledge of history and their sciences. That they encoded within myths and religions, mathematical and scientific facts that would eventually lead to their recovery but only when mankind was again sufficiently educated and intelligent enough to understand the implications. The Sunday Telegraph also ran a large article on him where it clearly outlined his background as a design engineer and former SAS officer. That was in 1998. His professional team of archaeologists, Egyptologists and geophysicists along with military support members was banned from carrying out their expedition just three days prior to flying out to Egypt. Later learnt that his entire project was deliberately derailed by both the US and UK government along with the Israeli and Egyptian authorities as it was considered unwise and untimely to reveal to the world the so-called hall and its contents as it would totally rewrite history as we understand it. It was shortly after learning these facts that I started to take an interest in Mr xxxxxx.
In 2006 he wrote and managed to get his second book Desert Fire published, with the initial approval of the UK Governments official D Notice committee having passed it as suitable for publication, but as explained in last email, this book was also subsequently removed from sale amid claims the entire thing had been made up and that Mr xxxxx had never been in the armed forces to discredit him. Recall fact that the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times had already confirmed his military credentials back in 1997 and 1998. He wrote that book to expose why Iraq was invaded and that the entire war was illegal on many fronts. Also the planning of the invasion of Iran next. He was threatened at the time but stood his ground and vowed to continue his work. It was the US DoD who insisted the book was removed with minimal press coverage as they did not want to draw attention to its content. It can still be bought on Amazon.

It was shortly after this that I lost track of Mr xxxxxx as he simply vanished off the radar so to speak. By this point in time I had managed to get over half the manuscript for his new book based upon fact but fictionalised novel as detailed in last email. He wrote this, as I understand it, to enable the actual facts about various subjects, be told without any legal reasons being thrown at it demanding its removal as per his two first books. Authors who claimed he had plagiarised their work in his first book subsequently said it had all been a big misunderstanding. Robert Bauval even took a whole page advert out in the Quest for Knowledge magazine stating so and that he and Mr xxxxxx were now friends and were going on a joint cruise down the Nile and were going to do a joint presentation. Mr xxxxxx never went on either.
Many things that Mr xxxxxx wrote down and stated within written documents going back as far as 1992 have since been validated or come true with uncanny accuracy. Again this is why I started to take him more seriously. I have tried with my limited resources to track him down again but alas with no success. I did meet a few people who joked that was because he was in fact an alien anyway and had simply gone home. That I do not subscribe too I have to say. I met him personally on many an occasion and he struck me as a very genuine, kind and intelligent person. Very charismatic and engaging.
In his new Phoenix Agreement book manuscript he describes how the soviets had tried to get a recovered alien/pre history craft to fly but that it had neurological network controls that could not be activated. Story details how this was overcome and that the main character in the novel manages to get it to fly long enough to escape soviet territory but deliberately lands it in the Baltic on the sea bed where it could easily be accessed at a later date. Even explains how he moved it across the sea bed to a more secure bedrock area some hundred meters on the floor to stop silt covering it. So not sure if you have also noticed tracks or partially filled gouge marks?
I have about 400 pages of Mr xxxxx Phoenix Agreement safely secured at a different location that I am more than happy to forward to you if still interested. I would ask that full confidentiality is maintained between us. I am not seeking money and certainly no publicity. Just a desire to get to the facts and real truth. I have started a more thorough search for Mr xxxxxx. I am led to believe he is still alive and now living somewhere in Norfolk, the UK. I also now live in Norfolk as I continue my research.

Ocean Explorer
We have had contact with xxxxx but now he is gone.

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