A New Fashion Icon – Clear Bag

At first, you would consider it an absurd idea to carry a clear bag out as everything in it would be showed clearly through the transparent bag design in which case one’s privacy is clearly unveiled to the public. However, people’s ideas are changing. The clear tote bag are enjoying increasing favor from many travelers, young housewives and beach fans due to its practical function and fashionable concept. You might ask, what are clear bags actually? Usually, clear bags are made of translucent materials like the PVC or vinyl. They could be of different sizes and of different styles like totes, cosmetic bags and shoulder bags etc, but one thing is certain, they could be seen through. They boast the advantages of low price, practical functions and stylish designs. As you could observe that their materials (PVC or vinyl) are not expansive ones, which would make the bags to a low price correspondingly. Since they are transparent or half transparent, the items would be sighted in a short glimpse which makes it practical. Believe it or not, their transparent look is stylish. Then in which cases one would enjoy the carrying of a clear bag? As mentioned above, travelers, young housewives and beach fans enjoy carrying it. That means it is very suitable in travelling, daily shopping and beach vacation. Why? All credit to its transparent and fashionable look. With a see-through bag, you could see in a glimpse what you have missed taking with when you are going to travel in a theme park with your kids. The same logic goes to the beach fans who hate the trouble of missing sunscreen while they could easily see though a clear bag and know what have been missed. For the housewives, they could know easily what they missed shopping while maintaining a fashion look in the market. With the increasing number of the above three groups of people, clear bags turn out to be a new fashion icon in our society.
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