A Message from Dentists in Colorado Springs: Stubborn Teens, Listen Up!

Ignoring the advice of your parents seems to be a fashionable trend amongst teenagers. There also seems to be a discernible age gap during which young adults, especially young men, don’t make much effort to maintain personal hygiene, say dentists in Colorado Springs. Coupled with a voracious appetite for all things unhealthy and full of sugar and you’ve got an oral disaster waiting to happen! Thankfully, many teenagers begin to see the connection between going to bed without brushing and the unpleased faces girls make when up close and personal. At this critical intellectual awakening, say dentists in Colorado Springs, they begin to make an effort in their presentation, which begins first and foremost with some vigorous pearly white scrubbing. But many more teens take a little longer to come to the party and before you know it, you’re shelling out money to have cavities filled and teeth capped. Stubborn teenagers, listen up! This is a message to you from dentists in Colorado Springs!

There is Nothing… NOTHING More Unattractive than Bad Breath

Perhaps parents have been phrasing it incorrectly. After all, with every generation comes a new edition of The Complete Dictionary of Further Degraded English Language. Instead of telling your children to “brush your teeth or they’re going to rot and fall out your skull” you should try a less passive approach. Something like: “You know that girl you like? Well, she wouldn’t touch you will a cattle prod if she could smell your breath right now.” Whisper words of social rejection. Plant the seeds of self-consciousness….

Wow! Hold on, bad parent! This sounds incredibly negative! Alright, so this is taking it a bit too far. But when it comes to proper oral hygiene, explain dentists in Colorado Springs, your children need to appreciate that they’re not brushing their teeth to make you, as a parent, happy; they’re brushing their teeth to keep them healthy and looking good. Teenagers know all about the importance of appearance, it’s why they demand pocket money to buy expensive clothing.

Dentists in Colorado Springs: Reasons to Look After Your Teeth

It’s impossible to feel vulnerable to disease when you’re young, vibrant and have your entire life ahead of you, say dentists in Colorado Springs. It can be so easy to fall asleep without brushing your teeth, to neglect to floss regularly and to skip appointments with the dentist and oral hygienist. But heed this warning, youth of today; your teeth are not invulnerable and they will not last you a lifetime UNLESS you practice a solid oral hygiene routine from an early age, stress dentists in Colorado Springs. Brushing and flossing your teeth may be, like, totally boring, but it will keep your teeth white and attractive so when you smile at that boy or girl you really, really have a massive crush on, they won’t be distracted by the accumulation of plaque, tartar and last week’s lunch festering between them. It will also prevent you from melting the face off your lab partner the next time you yawn. “Hmm, smells like hydrogen sulfide…” *faint*

Most importantly, say dentists in Colorado Springs, looking after your teeth when you’re young prevents oral problems and diseases from affecting you when you get older. Teeth that have already been weakened in your youth by neglected hygiene, an unhealthy diet and bad habits such as smoking, will not stand the test of time. And if there’s one thing your parents can promise you, it’s that a beautiful and healthy smile is not an asset that ever degrades in value.

The Take Home Message from Dentists in Colorado Springs

It’s elegantly simple, say dentist in Colorado Springs:

-Brush your teeth properly, at least twice a day

– Floss every day

– Eat a balanced diet

– Lighten up on the sugar, and…

– See your dentist every six months.

Chicks will dig you.

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