A Luxurious Chopard lady’s Watch for Christmas!

There are many people who choose  a watch as a gift for Christmas. This is a good present for both men  and women, especially a Swiss timepiece. There are many famous Swiss  watches in the world. Among them, Chopard watches are hot sales in most  parts of the world.
The Copard  Imperiale Large Model Chronograph is a good timepiece for a man to buy  as gift for her woman for Christmas. With luxurious and elegant design,  this timepiece is definitely a good present for the coming Christmas!  Most women will be attracted by its appealing appearance.

This  is the latest product of the Chopard Company. It is eye-catching with  diamonds. It is different from other watches for women with a large  size. As we know, most timepieces for women to wear are small. Yet this  one is an exception. It has an extra Large rose gold case which is 40 mm in diameter and 10.2 mm thick. Yet it is really impressive.
This glamorous timepiece of Chopard is power reserved for 45 hours. With functions of hours, minutes,  seconds, date and chronograph, it is more functional than other Chopard  watches for women. It is an automatic timepiece with a rose gold case  and a rose gold bezel. It is luxurious mostly because of this material.  The round case is 40.0 mm in diameter and 10.2 mm thick. The round bezel  is also good-looking. The dial, which is impressive, is available in  the color of silver and mother of pearl. And the Roman numbers on the  face are classical.
The whole timepiece looks perfect with the rose gold and the rose gold  bracelet with folding buckle. The sapphire crystal makes sure its  durability. At the same time, the case back is also made of sapphire. It  is water resistant for about 50 meters. As a high-end timepiece which  is made by the famous manufacturer Chopard, this one is not cheap at  all. It is sold at $32,410! Yet it is still predicted by many people as  one of the hot sales for the following days, especially for Christmas.
A  woman who wears such a timepiece is graceful and attractive. If a man  wants to buy a luxurious accessory which is high-end and expensive, this  Copard Imperiale Large Model Chronograph will be a good consideration. Most women will feel happy to receive such a high-end present.
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