A Large Gap between the Two Patches Is a Normal Phenomenon

“Diablo” series is not like “World of Warcraft” that need new content patch to update the content of the game, so a large gap between the two patches is a normal phenomenon. Of course, it seems that a lot of players are not used to this type of method which the update frequency is not fixed and frequent. Community Manager Vaneras says:


Player 1: Look at this, well, the next six months will not have any new content patch……


Player 2: This is a good thing. They should spend more time to do something sparkling point.


From the perspective of the observer, whether it is good or bad, there some people are dissatisfied they should wait for more time to get the new content.


We should pay attention that the patch 1.0.8 is not the final and the final game updates! In fact, we are trying to do new and improved production for “Diablo 3″ includes “equipment 2.0″. I can guarantee is that we will continue to progress and see more detailed information with the development.


I know that we have recently been repeating this, but we are going to improve several aspects, what will affect the game include the core elements of the game. We have to Seiko and deliberately and carefully, because we want these contents, which can meet your expectations.


Do you know how long time you need? 3 months? Six months? Year……?


I’m afraid I cannot tell you. It is very difficult to provide time prediction for us, because it depends on our rework cycle…… This is why we will often use signs of Soon ™.


Then tell us about the time Bowen can die


This is impossible. Because I’m not entirely sure whether we are ready to share information about what we are producing information. Some of the information may be released, so I imagine there will be more than a Bowen announced. Expect for this, developers will prefer talks to questions and answers which are different from game Diablo 3 community site for discussions on similar in Archon the Wizard before we see on the live broadcast.


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