A bullet camera is one of the most common types of cameras in prebuilt retail packages

When it comes to mounting your security monitoring camera, there are as many ways to mount them as there are cameraa models out there. With every type of camera comes a variety of ways to mount them. Just as with every type of material that the ip camera is being mounted to comes a variety of ways to mount them. If you live in the northern part of the US, the houses are generally made of wood, with an outer material that can range from siding to masonry. Each of these will create a different type of mounting that will be better suited. Down in Florida and in some coastal areas, the homes and buildings are generally made of concrete block. This type of construction makes for some fun mounting types. That is options on the outside, when it comes to the inside mounting options most cases are going to be universal throughout the country. I am going to discuss most camera types and some of the ways that wifi ip camera can be mounted based on our construction type in Florida.
A bullet camera is one of the most common types of cameras in prebuilt retail packages. It is a remote ip camera that has an arm that typically has some sort of joint to allow for the aiming of the camera. This is a very versatile camera due to how many applications it can be used in. When it comes to mounting this camera on the outside of a building, you will generally want to be a little higher up than on a dome style camera. This is due to the fact that it has the ability to be tampered with easier than a dome ip camera and they have the ability to be struck by an object causing it damage. So, when you are choosing your mounting position keep this in mind. If this type of camera has to be mounted at a lower point, I would suggest up under an eve. This will help to minimize the strickable angle of the camera. These ip camera monitoring are great for mounting in areas that have little protection from the elements, due to the sunshades that typically come with them. They are also generally fully weatherproof in design, although some have serious design flaws most do not.

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