A Brief Introduction about HCG diet food

With time goes by, people are more and more familiar with HCG diet, but to HCG diet recipes which seems difficult and complex for them. This article will give you a brief introduction of HCG diet menu recipes for your information.
As the usually understanding about HCG diet recipes, there shall include three series for HCG diet recipes: main food, soups/salads and desserts/snacks. Different range of food has different function for weight loss. Today we will discuss about the main food of HCG diet recipes.
Normally to say main food means the meals which you shall to eat daily, the only difference is the meals for HCG food list recipes can give you weight loss.
For main food of HCG diet recipes, you will find follows: 1. Chickens or Baked Fishes: Rub meat with lemon juice or dip in milk; Coat meat with mixture and bake or grill on George Forman. 2. Boneless Burgers: Grill chicken, turkey burgers or beef patties and season to taste; Layer between 2 lettuces leafs; add grilled sweet onions and tomatoes. 3. Meat Kabobs: 100 grams of meat of choice; 1 sweet onion; cut meat into cubes. Cut onion into small wedges. Combine seasoning and dressing and marinate with meat and onions for 4 hours. Place on metal skewers and grill on medium heat. 4. Orange Ginger Chicken: 100g chicken cut into chunks; juice of half lemon; 2-3 cloves minced garlic – 1/2 t basil; black pepper – orange cut in 1/4s
For soups/salads are good for your daily blood moving, you shall arrange a daily habit to eat soups/salads to support your weight loss
For desserts/snacks is also the same to soups/salads

Above is a brief introduction about HCG phase 2 food listdiet plan, hope this can give you some information about HCG diet plan and support you to lose weight.

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