3 Reasons That You Will Want More Three Quarter Sleeve Tees Than You Already Have


If you have full arms, sometimes it isn’t easy finding a shirt that’s able to de-emphasize your arms. The good news is that there are a few shirts that do just that. Namely, ? sleeve tees. Given that the sleeve ends between your elbow and wrist – exposing just the smaller section of your arm three quarter sleeve t-shirts make the noticeable portion of your arm look long and slim.


It has been said by many people in fashion that the three quarter sleeve t-shirt is naturally a fashionable cut. One reason behind this is that sleeves that end at the middle of the forearm conjure up images of old but classic styles. However, another reason is the fact that 3/4 sleeve t-shirt is usually a more feminine t-shirt.

Great for all types of Women

Another wonderful advantage that three quarter length t-shirts have over other t-shirts is it makes no difference whether you’re short or tall, this shirt will look good on you. What tends to happen with long sleeve shirts and short leeve shirts is that short sleeve shirts can make a taller woman’s arms seem longer and long sleeve shirts tend to make shorter women’s arms look shorter. However, since its acceptable for a three quarter length tee to end anywhere from your elbow to the middle of your forearm it’s very easy for both shorter and taller women to wear 3/4 sleeve t-shirts.

Added Touches

If you’d like to further improve the advantages of wearing a three quarter sleeve t-shirt you can actually pick one that comes in plain dark colors without any print or designs on it. You might also choose the layered look by wearing a vest on top of your t-shirt as this will provide a look that’s both elegant and further accentuates your lower arms. You might also further add to this look by selecting a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt that’s also a v-neck.

Of course, this isn’t the only option for women with fuller arms. However, as we’ve just seen it’s certainly one of the easiest options for women looking for a way to complement their full arms in an elegant and flattering way. So if you don’t possess a few of these t-shirts in your closet, then now’s the perfect time to stock up on some!

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