3 Habits of Highly Productive People

Most productive individuals share certain habits, habits which take time to develop but they understand the value in acquiring these good habits. 40% of our daily actions are habit, we operate almost on automatic mode and if we don´t have the right habits, we could seriously be jeopardizing and sabotaging our results. Productive individuals know how important it is to develop and build good habits if they want to achieve what they desire.

One of the most important habits to develop is discipline. Discipline regarding productivity, relates to many aspects. The first productivity killer; that discipline will serve you the best against; is procrastination. When you are feeling lazy to do something, when you keep saying to yourself “tomorrow I’ll start” or “just one more hour and I’ll start working” – discipline is what will get you through. If you study the habits of successful people, you will clearly notice they all share this specific skill.

It is about putting your results before comfort to achieve what you really desire. The problem is that most people think that being disciplined or not is part of their personality. This is not true, it is a skill, like a muscle, that you can build and make stronger over time with repetition. If you want to really start achieving your goals and see your dreams turn into reality, you can´t give into laziness and you have to sacrifice the pleasure of sleeping an hour later for the pleasure of achieving what you want.
All productive people have goals and working with goals is another habit that one should develop. Goals are like the lighthouse in our lives, they give you targeted direction and keep you focused and motivated. Goals can be set in any way that you want, long term, short term goals or small daily goals. Give yourself small daily goals, for eg: my goal for today is to finish x and to leave work having done everything I needed to. Just by having something to work towards, no matter how big or small, is really important for us.

When you set and achieve a small goal, your confidence builds and you are motivated to achieve more. They can be really small, like not checking your email every thirty minutes but every hour or not having five coffee breaks a day but three. Push yourself to achieve a little bit more. Work with small goals and also with rewards, reward yourself when you achieve them and you will achieve far more.

The last habit of highly productive individuals is focus. You may be working but how focused are you really? To be have real focus when you are working, you need to remove distractions and try to prevent interruptions. Concentrating and focusing 100% on the task at hand is a voluntary skill like discipline. If it doesn´t come naturally, you need to develop it.

When you are not focused when performing a task or you are interrupted often, you are losing so much precious productivity. If you added up how much time you actually waste by having to manage the interruption and get focused again, you will be highly shocked.

If you develop these three habits, you will triple your Productivity. Your level of productivity is directly related to how you manage your habits. What habits do you need to acquire to get the results you want? What is one habit, if you developed and did it in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest impact on your life? Make it your goal to build good habits and you will definitely reap the rewards.

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