2012 China Beverage & Food Reports Lowering packaging costs becomes the first choice for beverage manufacturers

2012 China Beverage & Food Reports Beverage costs mainly include administrative and sales costs, china industry reports production costs and other costs. With PPI rising, CPI is driven up. Lowering packaging costs becomes the first choice for beverage manufacturers to react to rising CPI. Due to advantages in saving cost, PET will be used as the prevalent material in next 5 years, which usage is expected to double.BOABC predicts that Chinese beverage production is expected to reach 240 million tons in 2015, 3 times as much as now. The annual growth rate of canned herbal tea is expected to reach 25%,china industry reports more than any other category of beverage products. The category contributing to the largest production still will be bottled water, expected to reach 94 million tons in 2015.

In China, juice beverages contain fruit & vegetable juice and fruit & vegetable beverage. china industry reports The fruit & vegetable juice is made directly from fresh or chilled fruits and vegetables. Fruit & vegetable beverages are ready-for-drink beverages by adding water, china industry reports sugar liquor and sour agent, etc into the juice and concentrated juice of fruits and vegetables. china industry reports In China, the juice content for fruit & vegetable beverages should be no less than 10%, otherwise they will belong to other kinds of beverages.

China is abundant in fruit resources.In 2009, Chinese fruit yield came up to about 120 million tons (excluding melons), ranking the world Top. Despite the gigantic population, Chinese consumption of juice beverage is quite low. china market analysis The annual juice beverage consumption per capita was below 10 liters in 2009. According to the market investigation of China Research and Intelligence, china industry reports in 2009, Chinese juice beverage production amounted to 13.47 million tons, 14.20% increase over 2008; the market scale reached approximately CNY 57.50 billion, rising by 15% YOY.

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