2011 First National Treasure bronze sculpture Exhibition Closing

August 25, 2011, the eight-day first 2011 Poly Qingdao bronze sculpture Exhibition draw to an end in the reception of Poly Roland At Sea. Tens of thousands of viewers on-site pro-Kam David charm. In Qingdao, Jiaonan leaders at all levels and co-operation with the strong support, more than 30 pieces of bronze sculpture of Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han stroke a pose on the stage in the Qingdao city. They offer the audience a exhibits the highest grade, the largest exhibition, the most stringent security measures, visit the largest, most far-reaching cultural influence, cultural feast, the spirit of enterprise culture Poly deep imprint in Qingdao. 

August 18, 2011 August 25, by the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jiaonan municipal government of Qingdao City Press and Publication Bureau, Qingdao Daily Press Group, China Poly Group, organized Jiaonan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the economy Jiaonan and Technological Development Zone, Qingdao Grand Theatre co-co, Poly Real Estate Qingdao Branch hosted the “National rhyme dumping Island”. The reception of Poly Roland observed the grand opening of the first exhibition of bronze sculpture.

This china bronze sculpture exhibition attracted people from all walks of life inside and outside of Qingdao city and Shangdong province to visit; Of which, Haier employees, Everbright Bank VIP clients, photographers, collectors and other parties is expressed strong interest. Tens of thousands of visitors during the exhibition visit the Poly ? Roland sea, experience the essence of Chinese culture and art. Scene, the audience of the bronze David exquisite craftsmanship, fine architectural inscriptions carved, rich layers of decorative patterns marvel, of which the music contains Huaxia Li Poly rescue civilization and patriotism of overseas heritage to express my sincere admiration and moving. Poly Art Museum as the greatest treasures of God face wine container, Ping quarter phoenix big respect, more attention and has been praised numerous. It is reported that the amount of insurance to show David billion. In order to ensure foolproof security, armed police was to escort these national treasures all the way since the bronze sculpture left Beijing. In Poly ? Roland sea during the show and more armed police detachment Qingdao unit 8 days 24-hour curfew protection.

It can be said that this national treasure—bronze sculpture exhibition, not only in grade exhibits, exhibit the highest standard scale called the Qingdao, on the cultural influence can also be called the history of the highest. More than 30 pieces of priceless bronze fine, solitary, cultural Qingdao Poly bring a rare case of cultural feast, but also mark the millennium bronze ancient Castle of a device for the first time historical event.

As Qingdao’s highest standard of chinese bronze sculpture show in history, Poly Qingdao First David Bronze exhibition will thousand years ago the Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han period, the country’s weighing machine with a Pro Qingdao, so the city formed just over a hundred years, but has a number of years of history the coastal city of precipitation, ushered in a new upsurge in cultural pursuit.

bronze sculpture, the faithful recorders of the culture of Shang and Zhou in the three thousand years, was the highest specifications as ritual supplies, as the traditional Chinese form of ritual culture system representative, is the world’s cultural art history can not be ignored for Pegasus. Jiaonan six thousand years of historical and cultural city, witnessed the rise and flourishing of civilization bronze culture. bronze sculpture exhibition of this time is a re-explore to the history of Jiaonan and a dialogue and integration of culture to the culture of Qingdao.. Jiaonan Qingdao and leaders at all levels of the national treasures exhibition to give a high recognition and praise, the media have also said that the Castle is the new century, exhibition and cultural prosperity of a grand course of Qingdao, with a milestone.

Qingdao Poly Real Estate, official says, the first national treasure china bronze sculpture exhibition designed to make the Castle people can come to experience, understand the history and cherished history and heritage of Chinese civilization, which is Poly Real Estate brand philosophy “and are building good” inheritance and demonstrate, but also to serve the country’s culture and mission of Poly.

China Poly Group, a corporate culture of responsibility, and always adhere to the culture creates brand, civilized tradition of social responsibility. Poly tradition of “cultural nation” spirit of enterprise, Poly Real Estate real estate industry, while in deep plowing, Chinese civilization has always been to point guard, with the company’s public power to make people relive the history, the essence of the home country integrate into the corporate culture, from “Summer Palace David Show”, “Northern and Southern Dynasties Buddha Exhibition”, “bronze sculpture Exhibition” Chinese civilization guard activities, to the growth of young people’s attention, “and Le China” activities, Poly Real Estate has always been the construction of “cultural property flagship” as the goal, Military culture and the home country will carry forward the spirit of the land to China and establish a culture unique brand Poly.

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