20 questions about the cult Manga

20 questions about the cult Manga

Complete DBZ Box!

1 – Who killed the Saiyan warrior Nappa?

And no, it wasn’t Goku, Sangohan, or even Piccolo who eliminated the Saiyan warrior. The one who killed Nappa is none other than Vegeta , his own ally! Disappointed and even humiliated that his sidekick couldn’t stand up to Goku, he preferred to punish him himself… A scene that fans of the saga won’t soon forget. She reminds us of how cruel and bloodthirsty a warrior Vegeta was, especially at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z Manga, when he arrived on earth.

2 – What is the name of Vegeta’s father?

Be careful, there was a little trap in this question. Vegeta’s father is called King Vegeta , not Prince Vegeta. The prince is none other than his own son, Vegeta himself. By the way, all super saiyans come from planet Vegeta. It’s starting to be a lot, isn’t it?… So we move on to the answer to the third question of our Dragon Ball Z Quiz!

3 – Who is Son Goku’s brother?

Goku ‘s one and only brother is Raditz who is killed by Piccolo with his famous Makankosappo technique. In France, many people think that Thales is also Goku’s brother, but this is not the case. This misunderstanding is due to a bad translation in magazines of the 80s/90s (Club Dorothée) as well as in the OVA “Dragon Ball Z: Le Combat fratricide”. In the Japanese version, although Thales is the spitting image of Goku, there is never any question that they are brothers. The answer to question number three was therefore correct: Raditz!

4 – Who died the most times in Dragon Ball Z?

The character who died the most times in Dragon Ball Z is Krillin. He was killed four times during the saga, before piccolo (3 times). Krillin’s first death occurs during a fight with a Piccolo monster following a blow to the head. Then he is killed by Frieza who blasts him in the sky. His third death is caused by the cyborg C-17. Finally, it is in front of Majin Bou that Krillin dies by being transformed into a bar of chocolate… Our Krillin is definitely unlucky… But luckily he has been resuscitated each time!

5 – Dragon Ball Z quiz: What planet does Bubbles live on?

More complex question for those who do not have a good memory. The monkey Bubbles obviously lives on the planet Kaio , in the company of the master Kaio himself… Bubbles is a fairly standard monkey, except for the fact that he has managed to get used to the gravity of the planet of master Kaio, ten times greater than that of the earth. The correct answer is number one!

6 – During the Bou arc, why does Vegeta have an M on his forehead?

The “M” on the front is the “Majin” mark. It was indeed Babidi who bewitched Vegeta by offering him great power in exchange for his submission. Unfortunately for the wizard, things don’t go as planned for him. It was obviously not a transformation into Mega-Vegeta or any control of Dabla (also called Dabura).

7 – Which room modifies the weather and allows our heroes to train?

The training room that slows down time and allows the heroes of Dragon Ball Z to train more is of course the room of spirit and time ! It is in this room that Piccolo will attempt to lock Majin Bou away for eternity by destroying the portal while he and Gotenks are in his company in the room. But this method will not be able to stop the villain… If you had forgotten this detail, you may have lost a point in our DBZ Quiz!

8 – Which character is the reincarnation of Majin Bou at the end of the Manga?

King Emma accepted Goku’s request to resurrect Majin Bou in the human form of a fundamentally good person. This is how Oob appears in the Dragon Ball Z saga. It is at the very end of the Manga, and he is still too young to participate in the last tournament. If you didn’t know, then yes, Oob is indeed the reincarnation of Majin Bou.

9 – Who is at the origin of the creation of the monster Cell?

The one who is at the origin of Cell’s creature, between monster and cyborg, is Doctor Gero . The scientist gave birth to many robots in the Manga Dragon Ball Z. But his most powerful and fearsome creation is none other than this big green grasshopper. She will also give a lot of trouble to Son Goku and his friends. But it is finally Gohan, encouraged by his father from heaven who will overcome the abomination with a super Kaméhaméha.

10 – Who grows the Senzus (magic beans)?

Senzus are magical and strange beans grown by Karin, the wise cat. They allow to put Sangoku and his friends back on their feet after their fights. Just one of its seeds can instantly restore a character on the verge of death. Whoever eats it also sees their strength return to its maximum level. If you were wondering, because it’s probably the hardest riddle in this Quiz, it’s Karin who grows the magic beans in Dragon Ball Z!

11 – What planet is Piccolo from?

Piccolo’s persona with his green-colored skin and his ability to regenerate his severed limbs like a lizard comes from Namek. Like all the other inhabitants of this planet, he benefits from this significant advantage in combat. Unfortunately for him, the planet Namek is definitely destroyed during the fight between Frieza and Goku.

12 – What is the name of the millennial warrior?

A Saiyan legend says that every 1000 years a super Saiyan is born with abilities beyond normal. This future fighter is called the millennial warrior. After having believed for a long time that it was about Sangoku, it actually turns out that this formidable fighter is Broly . We will also easily see him fight Sangoku and Vegeta, both at the same time thanks to his extraordinary power. The answer to the twelfth question of our Dragon Ball Z Quiz is therefore: Broly!

13 – What is the name of Frieza’s older brother?

Frieza’s big brother is Cooler! He even transforms into Metal Cooler in the OVA Dragon Ball Z: One Hundred Thousand Metal Warriors. He is also the son of the great King Cold. If you skipped this question, know that if you haven’t seen the OVA it might be a bit complicated to know this correct answer… But we still hope that you did well on our Dragon quiz Ball Z!

14 – What instrument does Tapion play in Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Attack?

You probably remember the melody Tapion plays with his ocarina if you saw the Dragon Attack OVA. This sweet melody both sad and melancholy. It must be said that the story of Tapion, like that of Trunks from the future, is not all rosy… He saw his world and its inhabitants destroyed. As you will have understood, the correct answer to the fourteenth question of our DBZ Quiz is an ocarina!

15 – Dragon Ball Z Quiz: What is Son Goku’s birth name?

Did you know ? Surely if you are a true fan of Dragon Ball Z! The birth name of Akira Toriyama’s manga hero is not Sangoku! This is Kakarot (or Kakaluto). If you didn’t know, then maybe you should re-read a few DBZ volumes to refresh your memory!

16 – Why Krillin with six points on the forehead?

No, it’s not tattoos, nor a mark specific to his race (since he is earthling) and even less birthmarks. The six dots on Krillin’s forehead are burns . During his training at Orin’s temple, Goku’s best friend went through the moxibustion rite. It is a common treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

17 – What is the name of the dragon of the 7 crystal balls?

The huge dragon that appears when the 7 crystal balls are brought together to grant a wish is called Shenron . It looks like a classic dragon from Chinese mythology. It has two antler-like horns, sharp teeth, bright red eyes, green scales, and a long snake-like body. In Asian culture, this type of dragon is generally beneficial and sacred. Unlike dragons from Western culture, this one does not have wings and does not breathe fire, but it still flies!

18 – Who becomes the new “Almighty” after his death?

It is indeed the young Dendé who, at the request of Sangoku, becomes the new guardian of the earth upon the death of Kami. The little Namekian has a unique gift that allows him to heal his friends by simply laying on of hands. Dendé thus continues his role of guardian throughout the Manga, helping his companions as soon as he has the possibility.

19 – What is the first name of Gohan’s partner?

The young woman that Sangohan meets at university when he takes on his role of “Masked Justice” at the time is called Videl ! She is the daughter of Satan (Hercules). And their couple will last throughout the Manga.

20 – Dragon Ball Z Quiz: How tall is Vegeta?

Did you know?… Vegeta despite his power and his tenacity is not very tall… He is only 1m64 tall ! The correct answer to this last question of our Dragon Ball Z Quiz was therefore the first! Congratulations to you if you knew it, because it was not obvious!

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